Programme contacts (MSc)

MSc Programme Representatives

The MSc programme representatives are responsible for identifying issues affecting students’ learning, such as through collecting comments and suggestions. Postgraduate Committee meetings are held once a term to discuss any issues.

Please get in touch if there are any matters you would like addressing.

Urte Adomaityte MSc Applied Mathematics
Anna Curran  MSc Applied Mathematics
Osmund Justinussen MSc Pure Mathematics
Emanuel Tewolde MSc Pure Mathematics
Nihaar Popli MSc Statistics
Leonard Rosen MSc Statistics
Lukas Verikas MSc Statistics
Georgios Pampalis MSc Mathematics and Finance
Yuliia Tereshchuk MSc Mathematics and Finance
Programme Reps

MSc Programme Contacts

 Ms Arianna Saccani  652 Huxley  MSc Administrator
 Dr Ory Schnitzer  739 Huxley  Applied Mathematics MSc Programme Director
 Dr Marina Evangelou  546 Huxley  Statistics MSc Programme Director
 Dr Antoine Jacquier  804 Weeks Bldg.   Mathematics and Finance MSc Programme   Director
 Professor Alexei Skorobogatov  664 Huxley  Pure Mathematics MSc Programme Director
 Dr Ryan Barnett  6M49  Director of Postgraduate Studies
 Dr Gunnar Pruessner  657 Huxley

 Postgraduate Welfare Tutor

Mrs Rula Murtada 809 Weeks Bldg.  

MSc Mathematics and Finance Administrator

Mrs Sai Yoghananthan 654 Huxley

Student Experience Coordinator

Ms Ella Robson  654 Huxley  Student Experience Coordinator (Maturnity Cover)
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