Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, we strongly recommend that candidates apply early in the academic year (November or December) to increase the chances of securing funding and supervision.

All applicants are automatically considered for department/College scholarship schemes. There is no separate application form.

Applications should be submitted to the programme: Mathematics Research - G1ZX

Click here to go to our online application page. 

Notification of acceptance and funding – we aim at communicating the outcome within 3 months.

Avoid delays by indicating the following in your online application form:

  • Department section (research group)
  • Proposed supervisors: Applied Mathematics – Statistics – Mathematical FinancePure Mathematics
  • Two referees’ email addresses (at least one academic) - we cannot accept private email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. They must be academic/professional email addresses.

Common causes for delays: non-indication of supervisors and research section, or missing references.

Please follow the steps below for full details.

How to apply

Entry Requirements - full time and part time

Independently of section, all applications should be submitted to the programme: Mathematics Research - G1ZX

Full time – Master’s qualification + (2:1) good upper-second honours (see country index below for equivalence) Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics or other related subjects


(2:1) good upper-second honours in a 4-year undergraduate degree with integrated master’s

Country index - entry requirements

Please visit this page for English language requirements

Part-time – PhD research may also be done on a part time basis in exceptional cases.

In addition to meeting the standard requirements for full timers, part time applicants are required at least 3 years of industry experience, working on topics closely aligned with their proposed research project. 

Before submitting an application, part time applicants must have discussed their plans with at least one member of the academic team in their research group, and have received positive response that the particular academic is happy to take on a part time student. See the section below on how to contact potential supervisors.

Upon admission, part-time PhD students should commit to attending the College (typically one day per week) and meeting their supervisor regularly (once or twice a month).

Identify your departmental section & research group

The department of Mathematics is divided into four sections. When completing the online application, it is fundamental that you indicate the research group with which you might be affiliated.

Independently of section, all applications should be submitted to the programme: Mathematics Research - G1ZX

While a detailed research proposal is not required, and we would not expect you to arrive with a fully formulated research programme in hand, we ask you to indicate the topic or research direction you might be interested in pursuing. For current research directions, visit the research groups pages indicated on the links below:

Contact potential supervisors

It is important that applicants identify the research group with which they would like to work. We strongly encourage applicants to consult the home pages of our faculty members, and email those academic staff members with whom you would like to work, to check if they are planning on taking new PhD students.

When we receive your application, and if a member of staff is available to supervise you, we will get in touch with you to arrange an interview - where practicable this will be in person, but sometimes, particularly for overseas students, we would arrange a phone or Skype interview.

Select supervisors whose research interest aligns with yours:

*Please note that the entry route for the Geometry and Number Theory research groups, within the Pure Mathematics Section, is through the CDT in the London School of Geometry and Number Theory. Applicants for these two specific research groups should submit their application directly to the CDT LSGNT.

When contacting an academic, it is important to:

  • Ask if they are planning on taking a new PhD student next academic year.
  • Give a very brief (short paragraph) description of what research you have done in your previous degree.
  • Tell them briefly about your research interest that might align with their research.
  • Be specific and write personable emails. Avoid being general with the copy-and-paste-one-message-fits-all emails.
  • Be brief. Long emails discourage people from reading on.

Please note!

If after contacting a few academics, you still do not manage to have a positive response from an academic, asking you to indicate their name as prospective supervisor on your online application, you can still submit an application without indicating a supervisor.
It will go to a pool of applications, where all academics in the department are invited to look through and decide if there is an applicant they would like to interview.
However, from previous admission cycles’ experience, those applications are very unlikely to receive a quick, positive outcome.

 Good luck with the process!

Personal Statement Advice

Research proposal is not required. We do not expect you to arrive with a fully formulated research programme in hand, but you should put some thought into the kind of topic you might be interested in pursuing, for example by checking the current research of the faculty members in the section, as presented on their personal home pages:

Applied Mathematics  Statistics  Mathematical Finance Pure Mathematics

Highlight your achievements, bearing in mind the following points:

  • 1st Class UG/PG degrees with a class ranking within the top 10%
  • Excellent postgraduate research performance – this could be an MSc or MRes or industrial experience
  • Peer-reviewed publications or conference papers
  • Reflect on significant contributions to research, including, e.g. MSci/MEng projects
  • Significant awards received (e.g. top of class prize, funding, scholarship, etc.)
  • Experience at multiple internationally significant research institutions or industry

Application & outcome timeframe

Independently of section, all applications should be submitted to the programme: Mathematics Research - G1ZX

Our applications cycles are open all year round. Applicants with funding already in place can submit their application throughout the year.

Applicants aiming at Imperial College or any other Mathematics Department scholarships schemes are encouraged to apply between November and February to avoid disappointment.

Later applications may be considered but most likely there will be no more scholarships available, and supervisors might have already committed to their maximum number of new students.

Notification of acceptance and funding – we aim at communicating the outcome within 3 months.

How to apply

Go to our online application site.

Funding opportunities

Department of Mathematics research students are funded by grants from EPSRC, the College, the Department, industry and other bodies.

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