What is getting you through the lockdown?

In addition to #PetsofImperial, we have created our own platform for sharing the little things that are helping you through the lockdown. Send pictures of your pets, food, hobbies, local parks, and kiddy creations to Helen Stoneham so that we can share them with everyone, and get through the lockdown together.

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Bicycle Brooker

Keeping active!

During the lockdown it can be difficult to stay active. Quite a few of our staff have been telling us that they've dusted off the ol' penny farthings, like Ruth here. It's also a great way to tire the kids out!

Remember to observe social distancing and stay safe!


The Wallaby life

Remember that Josh's mum is raising Wallabies after the Australian bush fires?! We have a video of them now, so you can really see how cute they are!

Wallaby video


Congratulations to Dr Nicolas Newell!!

Congratulations on the birth of your son! 

Freddie was born in the middle of April and is enjoying isolation with his Mum and Dad!

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Allotted time outside

Some of our staff are lucky enough to have gardens or allotments. Here is an example of one which has been doing exceptionally well with the reduced pollution levels! The flowers certainly are beautiful!


Neuschwanstein Schloss

There are jigsaw puzzles and then there are 3D- tearing your hair out- jigsaw puzzles!

This one is a scale model of a fairytale castle in Bavaria, but apparently there was a piece missing - can you find it? I hope it didn't cause too many arguements!


Dancing Parrots

You remember we said that we would try and get the video of Eddies dancing bird online? Well here it is! Enjoy!!!

Dancing Parrots 

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What are you looking at?! I'm helping!

I suspect there is a mutually beneficial agreement here... Bobby gets the heat from the laptop, and Josie gets a new desk purrfect for remote working!


Male Terrapin lays eggs!?!?

This is Tommy. Tommy has just woken up from hibernating. Tommy's human friends have discovered that Tommy is a girl after she layed eggs!


What'cha doing hooman?

Fred set up a camera in his back garden, and last week it caught a picture of this fox! A few more seconds and maybe he/she would have made a pose?! 

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Tilly and Tess

Tilly and Tess

Tilly (a 1 year old Border Beagle Collie cross) and Tess (3 years old and rescued from the streets of Romania) both look very happy and playful! 

I'm sure they are loving that their owner Eddie is at home right now!

train set

Mind the Gap

For those missing the daily commute, Phil Wilson has created a garden railway line with THREE working locomotives! The one shown here is the smallest!!! 

I wonder how many times the trains have derailed... it must be hard to keep track! 

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Look at the baby geese... they are so fluffy and cute! 


Budding botanist

If I'm not mistaken, those are the perfect conditions for that flower to grow!

Drawn by one of the Rein children (aged 5). The Rein homeschool is smashing STEM teaching! 


Spring is in the air

As the weather improves, all those wonderful Spring things that we look forward to appear, like these magnolias in bloom in South London!

Although it is still OK to go outside for exercise, please don't be tempted to sunbathe or loiter... try and admire nature's beauty whilst moving.

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letter to care home

Supporting the NHS

It's so important to remember the people on the front line of this viral battle!

Well done Alex (aged 7) for composing such a lovely letter to NHS staff and carers! 


Shhhh, you might wake the cat

For those of us with pets, working from home is a balance... a balance between cuddles and productiveness. Fudge here seems to have her priorities right!

Rocket ship

3... 2... 1... LIFTOFF

NASA, we have new spaceship design for your consideration!

Homeschooling appears to include astrophysics in the Rein household... We will have to keep an eye out for those budding astronauts!

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Jeff the dog

Jeff the dog

A shout out to all those animals that don't have a loving home, like Jeff here! Jeff is completely blind and live in an animal shelter. He appreciates his walks with Serena, who volunteers there. 


Bush fire Wallabies

After the bush fires that raged through Australia at the start of this year/end of last year, Josh's mum has been helping this little guy (and his friends) recover! 

Keep us posted on this Josh, we want to see how they get on!!

Dancing bird

Dancing birds!

We have a dirty dancer on our hands here! 

Thanks Eddie for sending the video through. We will try and upload the video as soon as possible so everyone can watch it!

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Arthur the dog

Arthur the Corgi puppy

NAWWWWW that it one cute puppy!!!!

Thanks for the photo Yuchao, you have an adorable lockdown buddy!

Birthday cake

Virtual birthday

Got a big birthday coming up? Fear not! Bake a cake and throw a virtual party via a video call, just like Helen did for her Brother-in-law one evening for his 30th! You could even get the birthday boy/girl to judge their favourite cakes (although that might have mixed success - pun intended)

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Samir Lion


It looks like Samir is going on safari in his own home! IHopefully it is a friendly lion.

Thanks to Samia Rahman for the photo!

Samia Cupcakes

Yum... Cupcakes

When she isn't solving financial problems for the Department, Samia is baking fairy cakes with her kids! 

Feel free to bring some into the office when this is over Samia!

Jigsaw Sabotage

Jigsaw Sabbotage

How dare you set up a jigsaw in a sunspot... where else is Tabitha supposed to nap?! Honestly, some humans!! 

Thanks to Nina Hancock for this photo of a very cute and slightly disruptive cat. Also loving her very traditional name!

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A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park

Share photos of your daily walks and adventures... Here is a picture of Beckenham Place Park.



In a baking mood? These Cookies were created as a lockdown treat by Helen Stoneham, even if they are rationed!

They look delicious... definitely bring a batch of those in when College re-opens!


An artist in the making

Can you guess what it is?

Well done to 2 year old Emilia, who created this daffodil from toilet rolls, tissue paper and paint (although most of the paint made it onto the walls)!