The department has now returned to pre-pandemic operating conditions. Starting from Monday 28th March 2022, we will no longer require the wearing of face coverings, negative Lateral Flow tests for close working, or reduced limits on room occupancy.

However, we would like to encourage everyone to continue with the careful concern for each other that we have practised during the pandemic, and to be sensitive to fellow students and staff, especially with those who feel uncomfortable or who are at increased health risk, or where there is a high concentration of people.

This should mean that we will continue to wear face coverings, open windows, and test ourselves, according to circumstances. The occasions for these, and perhaps other measures, will be for us each to judge, and to offer or discuss in a spirit of respect.

We will continue to review our position on a weekly basis and adapt to circumstances. 


Parking requests

You can submit your parking requests directly via this online form, no later than 12:00 on the Thursday of the week prior to parking. Late requests will be ignored/not granted. No confirmation will be sent out but you can assume that, as long as you submitted the request on time, your parking has been approved.  Make sure you put the correct week commencing date in – this is always a Monday.

Please note that you may need a browser upgrade to use the parking request form. The requirements are: 

Safari 13.1+
Firefox 80+
Chrome 80+
Microsoft Edge 80+
Chromium 80+

Emergency parking requests should still be sent to Nina Hancock, with a clear explanation as to why they are urgent.