Emeritus and visiting staff contact information

Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and Honorary Staff

NamePositionGroup/ division
 Giles Aldrich-Smith  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Debashish Bhattacharjee  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Ghenadie Bulat  Visiting Professor  Thermofluids Division
 Philippa Cann  Visiting Professor  Tribology Group
 Declan Carolan  Visiting Lecturer  
 Alan Copestake  Visiting Professor  Computational Mechanics Group
 Joseph Corcoran  Honorary Lecturer  Non-Destructive Evaluation Group
 Nicholas Cumpsty  Distinguished Research Fellow  Multi-Scale Flow Dynamics
 David Dean  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Trevor Dean  Visiting Professor  
 David Deehan  Visiting Professor  
 Mamdouh El-Shanawany  Visiting Professor  Computational Mechanics Group
 David Ewins  Distinguished Research Fellow  Dynamics Group
 Didier Farrugia  Visiting Professor  
 Alexander Fergusson  Visiting Lecturer  
 Stephen Garwood  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Allen Gosman  Distinguished Research Fellow  
 Jeffrey Green  Visiting Professor  Dynamics Group
 Felicity Guild  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Christopher Guyott  Visiting Professor  
 Norbert Hoffmann  Visiting Professor  
 Alojz Ivankovic  Visiting Professor  Mechanics of Materials Division
 Andreas Kronenburg  Visiting Professor  Multi-Scale Flow Dynamics
 Guillermo Enrique Morales-Espejel  Visiting Professor  Tribology Group
 Andrew Morris  Visiting Professor  Thermofluids Division
 Keith Newton  Visiting Professor  
 Yew Ong  Visiting Professor  
 Francesco Restuccia  Honorary Lecturer  Thermofluids Division
 Maria Righi  Visiting Professor  Tribology Group
 Cristopher Scruby  Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in NDE  Non-Destructive Evaluation Group
 Nicholas Spencer  Visiting Professor  Tribology Group
 Joanna Stephen  Honorary Lecturer  
 Khawar Syed  Visiting Professor  
 Emile Touber  Honorary Senior Lecturer  Non-Destructive Evaluation Group
 Simon Walker  Visiting Reader  Non-Destructive Evaluation Group
 Guoqing Wang  Visiting Professor  
 Michael Williams  Visiting Professor  Computational Mechanics Group
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