Frequently asked questions

What are your standard offers? What qualifications do you consider?

Most (but not all) of our offers are likely to be one of the standard offers given below (as well as the standard Imperial College requirement in the appropriate English language qualification – see link.)

A Levels (3 subjects)

A* Maths, A* Physics, A in another subject (Further Maths preferred but not essential). We may also make more challenging offers to some applicants

A Levels (4 subjects)

A* Maths, A Physics, A in two other subjects  (Further Maths preferred but not essential). We may also make more challenging offers to some applicants


40 overall, 6 Maths (HL), 6 Physics (HL), 6 other (HL)

Scottish Advanced Higher

A Maths, A Physics, A in one further subject (Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Design Technology, Economics, Electronics or Mechanics preferred additional subject choice)

European Baccalaureate

85% overall, 90% Maths, 90% Physics

Irish Leaving Certificate

H1 Maths, H1 Physics, H1 two further subjects, and H2 two further subjects

Advanced Placements

5 Calculus BC, 5 Physics C: Mechanics, 5 in one further relevant subject (Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, not Calculus AB or Physics 1/2)

Cambridge Pre-U

D2 Maths, D2 Physics, D3 in one further relevant subject



Austrian Matura

1 Maths, 1 Physics,  1 Other


8.5 Overall, 9 Maths, 9 Physics

Bulgaria – DIPZO

5.8 overall plus A levels - A* Maths, A Physics

Canada HSD

90% overall, 90% Maths, 90% Physics, 85% three further subjects


1 (AAA) Maths (double unit), 1 (AAA) Physics (double unit), 1 (AAA) in two further subjects

Croatia Matura

5 Maths, 5 Physics, 5 Other

Cyprus Apolytirion

19.5 overall, 20 Maths, 19 Physics plus A Levels A* Maths, A Physics

Czech Matura

1 Maths (HL), 1 Physics (HL), 1 Other (HL)

Denmark Studentereksamen

11 Overall, 11 Maths, 11 Physics, 10 Other

Egypt (CNSIE)

A* Maths, A* Physics, A in one other subject


5 Maths, 5 Physics, 5 Other [State Exam]


7 Mathematics, 7 Physics 7, 7, 6, 6 Other


17 overall, 16 Maths, 16 Physics, 15 other


Less than 1.4 overall with 14 in Maths and Physics

Greek Apolytyrion

19.5 overall, 20 Maths, 19 Physics plus A Levels A* Maths, A Physics

Hong Kong DSE

5* Maths (core) 5* Maths (Algebra and Calculus), 5* Physics, 5 in one further relevant subject

Hungary Erettsegi

5 Maths (HL), 5 Physics (HL), 5 Other (HL)

Iceland Studentprof

9 Overall, 9 Maths, 9 Physics


92% overall, 95% Maths, 95% Physics, 90% in one further subject

Iran - Pre University Certificate

18.5 Overall, 19 Maths, 19 Physics, 80% Kankur

Israel – Bagrut

9 Overall, 9.5 Maths, 9.5 Physics, 9 Other

Italy – DES

100% overall, 10 Maths, 10 Physics, 9 one other (Liceo Scientifico only, not Liceo Classico).

Latvia – APVVI

Not accepted (Applicants are advised to take A Levels, IB or any other qualification on the list.)

Liechtenstein Matura

6 Maths, 6 Physics, 6 three other

Lithuanian qualifications

Not accepted (Applicants are advised to take A Levels, IB or any other qualification on the list.)


54 Overall, 55 Maths 55 Physics, 50 Other

Malta Matriculation Certificate

AA Mathematics + Physics (Advanced Level) AAA (Intermediate Level)

Netherlands VWO

8 Maths, 8 Physics, 9 Other

New Zealand L3 NCEA

E Overall [L3 NCEA]  E Mathematics + Physics [L3]

Norway Vitnemal

5 Overall, 6 Maths, 6 Physics, 5 Other

Polish Matura

87% Mathematics (Advanced Level), 84% Physics (Advanced Level), Other in 8th stanine (Advanced Level)  

Portugal DdES

18 Overall, 19 Maths, 19 Physics, 18 Other

Romanian Bacalaureat

9.6 overall, 9.8 Maths, 9.8 Physics

Serbia Matura

5 Overall, 5 Maths, 5 Physics

Slovakian Matura

1 Maths, 1 Physics, 1 Other

Slovenian Maturitetno

5 Maths, 5 Physics, 5 Other


9 overall, 9 Maths, 9 Physics, 8.5 Other


A Majority of subjects, A Maths, A Physics


5.5 Overall, 5.5 Maths, 5.5 Physics, 5 Other

Singapore Polytechnic Diploma

GPA 4.85 overall

What other A Level subjects do you require? Do you require Further Maths A level?

The required A Levels for our course are Maths and Physics. Most other subjects will be considered and can form part of an offer, although some are unlikely, such as a foreign language of which you are a native speaker.

Maths is the largest module in our first and second year, and students who have taken Further Maths A Level have less new material to study. Further Maths is recommended, but not a requirement for our course, and in recent years about ten percent of our cohort have taken a combination of A Levels which does not include Further Maths. If you are not taking Further Maths A Level (or equivalent) you can consider independently studying relevant topics.

We suggest that you make your choices based on your interests and strengths, rather than specifically aiming at entry to our course.

Will I definitely get an interview/offer if I am predicted to meet one of your standard offers, or if I already have these grades?

Unfortunately not!  Selection is based on consideration of academic ability, motivation for study, interest in the subject area and the potential both to benefit from the experience and contribute to College life while on the course. 

Please be aware that most applicants are predicted to meet or exceed our standard offer, and demonstrate good motivation for studying mechanical engineering. Due to the high number of extremely competitive applications for a strictly limited number of interview places and offers, we are regrettably not able to interview or make an offer to every suitable applicant.

Will I get an interview/offer if I am predicted all A* at A Levels, or if I already have these grades?

Not necessarily! (See previous answer)

Are some students given conditional offers without an interview?

All applicants who reside outside the EU are made an offer based solely on their UCAS application. There are also usually a small number of Home/EU students who receive offers without an interview.

Will you consider my application if I am not predicted to meet your standard offer? What if there are mitigating circumstances?

If there are mitigating circumstances please advise us of this. We may be able to take them into account.

Do you consider mature applicants? What qualifications do you require?

We welcome applications from mature applicants.  Please get in touch with us if you are applying as a mature applicant. All applications must be made via UCAS and at the very least, college minimum entry requirements must be met (three A levels at grade A or equivalent).

What do you look for in a personal statement?

Please tell us about things which demonstrate your interest in Mechanical Engineering. In particular, describe any work placements, industrial visits, or relevant projects or hobbies. We are also interested in your general motivation as evidenced by extracurricular activities and part-time work, as well as your wider contribution to your school or community life. 

Can I book a tour of the department and a meeting with a member of staff to discuss the admissions process?

Unfortunately, we are not able to arrange individual departmental tours/meetings, unless you are an offer holder who has not had a chance to see the department. Other applicants can take a departmental tour and meet staff members at one of our open days. If you can’t attend open day, general campus tours can be arranged.  

What scholarships are available to me?

For all scholarship queries, please follow this link and contact the Student Finance Support team if you need more guidance.