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Students select optional courses subject to rules specified in the Mechanical Engineering Student Handbook,  for example at most three Design and Business courses. Please note that numbers are limited on some optional courses and selection criteria will apply.

Managerial Economics Online

Module aims

 Module outline:

Reading list

Session 01

Session 02

Session 03

Session 04

Session 05

Session 06

Session 07

  • Economics for business

    Begg, David K. H., author.

    Sixth edition., McGraw-Hill Education

  • The Economist: Markets & Data

    The Economist

  • UK National Accounts, The Blue Book: 2021.

    Office for National Statistics. (2021).

  • GDP needs an upgrade. Here's why, World Economic Forum.

    Coyle, D. (2019)

  • Economic growth does not guarantee rising happiness.

    The Economist. (2019).

  • Human Development Index (HDI),

    Roser, M. (2014).

  • Measures of National Well-being Dashboard.

    Office for National Statistics. (2019).

  • OECD Better Life Index.

    OECD. (2022)

  • what works wellbeing. (2017). Unemployment, (re)employment and wellbeing.

  • What is the size of the fiscal multiplier?, Economics Observatory.

    Lenoël, C. (2020)

  • Where does the buck stop?

    The Economist. (2016).

  • Why Should We Worry About the National Debt

    Appelbaum, B. (09 May 2017).

    New York Times

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Section 09

Session 10

Module leaders

Dr Cloda Jenkins