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The module information below applies for the current academic year. The academic year runs from August to July; the 'current year' switches over at the end of July.

Students select optional courses subject to rules specified in the Mechanical Engineering Student Handbook,  for example at most three Design and Business courses. Please note that numbers are limited on some optional courses and selection criteria will apply.

Mechanical Engineering Individual Project

Module aims

 To provide experience of taking on a major, engineering-oriented project demanding:

  • Self-directed learning within a specialised field
  • Devising of an individual work plan to confirm to specified milestones and objectives
  • Individual work — usually research-like in nature — to achieve these objectives
  • The maintenance of full, accurate and transferable records
  • Presentation of accurate and accessible results.

ECTS units:   25

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this module, students will be able to:

Skills and other attributes

Transferable skills

  • Plan, and execute independently, a programme of self learning in a previously unfamiliar field
  • Monitor a personal programme of work which is sufficiently flexible to adapt to the unforeseen
  • Keep a contemporaneous log book, recording progress in sufficient detail to be useful to a successor
  • Communicate the principal results of your work accurately, and in a convincing and accessible manner in a short seminar-style presentation
  • Record the results of your work fully, concisely and accurately as a written report.

Teaching methods

  • Duration: Full session
  • No timetabled contact
  • Project Activity: approx. 1 to 2 half days per week in the first term, 3 to 4 half days per week in the second term, full time between exams and final report submission date.


Coursework (including progress tests, oral presentations etc.)

Submission date

Max. mark

Pass mark



Project plan report

Returned with grade and written comments, for discussion with supervisor

Week 6


Progress report


Week 18


Log book

Returned with grade and written comments*

Week 36


Final report

Returned with grade and written comments*

Week 36


Conduct of task

Interim oral discussion with supervisor





Written feedback provided*

Week 37

Week 37






Module leaders

Professor Ambrose Taylor