Dr Marlene Pinzi EDEN2020: path planning  2017-2021
 Dr Eloise Wendy Matheson EDEN2020: servo-assisted control  2017-2021
 Dr Thomas Watts EDEN2020: dynamic catheter modelling  2016-2020
 Dr He Liu Augmented reality and cooperative control for surgical training  2016-2019
 Dr Wenbo Zhan  EDEN2020  2016-2019
 Dr Christopher Borrows  STING  2012-2016
 Dr Alexander Leibinger  STING  2012-2016
 Dr Matthew Oldfield  STING  2010-2016
 Dr Fangde Liu  STING  2012-2016
 Dr Elnaz Nobari  STING  2011-2015
 Dr Josh Petersen  ACTIVE  2012-2015
 Dr Stuart Bowyer  ACTIVE  2011-2014
 Sandra Nwokeoha  STING  2011-2012
 Dr Ryo Takeda  Biomechanics  2010-2012
 Dr Seong Young Ko  STING  2009-2011
 Dr Yaroslav Tenzer  Haptic Training System  2006-2011
 Dr Tassanai Parittotokkaporn  STING  2007-2011
 Dr Abbi Hamed  MRI Compatible Robotics  2006-2010
 Gorkem Dogangil  STING  2008-2010
 Dr Luca Frasson  STING  2007-2010
 Dr Marc Rea  MRI Sequencing  2006-
 Dr Andy Turner  Pre-operative Planning of Fracture Reduction  2006-2010
 Dr Zion Tsz Ho Tse  Medical Robots for MRI Guided Diagnosis and Therapy  2006-2009
 Dr Haytham Elhawary  MRI-Compatible Prostate Guided Diagnosis  2004-2008
 Dr Aleksander Zivanovic  Bloodbot  1997-2007
 Dr Alexander Evangelidis  Active Constraints Robotic for Knee Surgery  2004-2007
 Dr Malte Jaensch  Open MRI Systems  2003-2006
 Dr Sang-Eun Song  Spinal Surgery Robot  
 Dr Edward Dibble  Haptic Training System  
 Dr Simon Harris  Probot, Acrobot  
 Dr Paula Gomes  Acrobot, TURP Trainer  
 Dr Matjaz Jakopec  Acrobot  
 Dr Adrian Barrett  TURP-TM system, Acrobot  
 Dr Stephen Starkie  Roboscope, Haptic Training System  
 Dr Selvan Pather  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound  
 Dr Alan Fan  Active Constraints Control theory  
 Dr. Sunita Chauhan  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound  
 Dr. Qunhuan Mei  Optimising the Cutting Pattern for Probot  
 Dr. Fernando Arambula-Cosio  Probot  
 Dr. Pin-Lang Yen

Master-Slave Control Systems with Force Reflectance for Telesurgical Tasks

 Dr. Wen-Jong Lin  Active Constraint Systems  
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