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AB - The arrangement of beta cells within islets of Langerhans is critical for insulin release through thegeneration of rhythmic activity. A privileged role for individual beta cells in orchestrating theseresponses has long-been suspected, but not directly demonstrated. We show here that the beta cellpopulation in situ is operationally heterogeneous. Mapping of islet functional architecturerevealed the presence of hub cells with pacemaker properties, which remain stable over recordingperiods of 2-3 hours. Using a dual optogenetic/photopharmacological strategy, silencing of hubsabolished coordinated islet responses to glucose, whereas specific stimulation restoredcommunication patterns. Hubs were metabolically-adapted and targeted by both proinflammatoryand glucolipotoxic insults to induce widespread beta cell dysfunction. Thus, theislet is wired by hubs, whose failure may contribute to type 2 diabetes mellitus.
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