Leica CF3A Leica SP5 upright confocal microscope with a tunable infrared laser for multiphoton and lifetime imaging (Spectraphysics Mai Tai 690-1020), Flim detector (Becker Hickl) and a motorised stage.

Advantages of this microscope

  • multiphoton laser for deep tissue penetration, maximum confocality.
  • 4 other lasers (Argon 488, Diode 543, Diode 594, Diode 633)
  • Flim detector for fluorescence lifetime imaging (Flim/FRET, intracellular environment)
  • Automatic multipoint 4D imaging
  • 2 sensitive HyD detectors for increased sensitivity and photon-counting experiments.
  • Quad-non-descanned detectors (NDD) for 4-color simultaneous imaging using multiphoton


Sir Alexander Fleming building, SAF 408
SN: 5100000307

Quickstart guide

Quickstart guide - Confocal 3 Leica SP5 Upright (PDF)‌

Quickstart guide - Multiphoton Laser (PDF)‌

Hardware configuration

Please see the FILM wiki page - CF3 hardware configuration

Leica Objectives

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