We are a team of professionals, working at the interface of education, technology and creative media. Our role is to implement Imperial College Digital Strategy in relation to the School of Medicine curriculum objectives.

Our team has a diverse skill-set and a range of experiences, from Higher Education research and teaching, to user experience design and application development; from project management and coaching, to video production and multimedia design.A member of the Digital Learning Team showcasing the HoloLens2 AR headset

We lead digital innovation initiatives and explore emerging technologies to find their application in Medical education. Our learning design team work with academic and clinical teams to co-design innovative education programmes for blended and remote delivery. Our interactive media team manage creation and production of multimedia resources, such as videos and animations. 

Our technical team support all platforms and application used to deliver learning, teaching and assessment activity.

We engage in digital education research to create evidence-based best practice learning design and delivery models and processes.