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BMB: design and development of a fully blended programme

BSc in Medical Biosciences is a three-year multidisciplinary taught degree programme, designed using blended pedagogy approach. The curriculum is fully flipped - there are no traditional lectures - and instead students are engaged in class and online using principles of active learning.

We have worked with the BMB teaching teams on the design and development of their online pre-session materials and interactive face-to-face sessions. We have also supported the delivery of TBL sessions.

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MBBS Phase 1: Curriculum review

In 2018, the School of Medicine initiated a wide-ranging curriculum review. The new integrated spiral MBBS curriculum is taught through an integrated approach which facilitates translation and application of scientific basis of health and disease to clinical care.

We have worked with the MBBS Phase 1 management and teaching teams on the design and development of innovative and interactive blended content for a number of modules and domains, including Clinical Science Integration (CSI). This involved creating a number of high quality of video assets in close collaboration with the Digital Learning Hub.

Virtual Reality

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Mobile Learning (One-to-One iPad)

We have implemented a large scale mobile learning initiative (One-to-One iPad) becoming the first medical school in the UK giving iPads to all its undergraduate medical students.

All sign-off forms are available electronically on the iPads allowing clinical teachers to assess students and submit the forms to the Faculty Education Office electronically, keeping a record on the students’ iPads. On iPads, students can easily access learning materials, participate during lectures using virtual clickers (Mentimeter), communicate with staff and clinical sites etc.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The ITI is a cross-College project, exploring the potential impact of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) on solving global challenges in Medicine, Engineering and Education.

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