If your teaching materials (like videos, narrated PPTs, other online content) include assets (images, graphics, videos) you have not created yourself, you need to ensure all relevant copyright regulations are adhered to.  

General guidelines: 

  • Adhere to common standards of academic integrity at all timesStandard anti-plagiarism and fair use rules apply. Lack of compliance with copyright standards is a serious reputational risk to the College.  

  • It is fine to use quotes (of reasonable length, in line with fair use standards) and some curated content available in the public domain (e.g. YouTube videos) as long as adequate attribution is provided. 

  • It is generally fine to link out from your resources to other webpages, e.g. YouTube, or embed such resources if the owner of the asset has allowed embedding. 

  • Ideally, use content that is available under Creative Commons licences.  

For more advice and a list of websites offering visuals for use in medical and biomedical teaching, check out this document. 

For more detailed guidance please consult the Library