Digital Board governs strategic direction for the digital developments in the School of Medicine, decides on project prioritisation and resource allocation.

College temporary governance groups, created in response to COVID-19 

Guild (EdTech) 

The Guild's remit is to support Faculties and Departments in developing and maintaining the quality of their educational provision in academic year 2020/21. The Guild will encourage a move beyond ‘remote education’ to an enhanced, more pedagogically-driven model of online/blended education. 

The Guild is chaired by the Assistant Provost (Learning and Teaching), Prof Alan Spivey, and has representation from all Faculty Vice-Deans EdTech teams, the Registry, the EDU and the Student Recruitment and Outreach. 

The Guild reports into the Education Strategy and Operations Group (ESOG) 

Education Strategy and Operations Group 

ESOG is responsible for the College’s approach to the delivery of education in light of the impact of COVID-19. This includes the delivery of teaching, learning, and assessment by remote/mixed-mode means. 

ESOG is co-chaired by Prof Emma McCoy Vice-Dean (Education), FoNS, and Prof Omar Matar, Vice-Dean (Education), FoE. Membership includes EdTech, Registry, Student Union, Education Managers and Campus Services.