What we do 

The Learning Design team support the design of blended and remote learning materials in a way that helps acquire knowledge and skills more effectively in line with the best pedagogical practices, methodologies and standards.

We help enhance the content by shaping and structuring it in a way that helps learners learn more effectively. This is done by:

  • creating opportunities for learners to engage with the content rather than just passively receive it;
  • making sure there is sufficient alignment between learning outcomes, assessments and content;
  • recommending appropriate tools and providing help and/or training.

Working with a Learning Designer on a digital project helps ensure high quality of the materials produced and facilitate student engagement.

We help scope and set up digital design and development projects as well as advise on the project management structure and roles and responsibilities. We also help articulate how the digital element adds value to learning and teaching for submissions to the relevant governance bodies.

We provide support for remote teaching 

What support we provide

Design sessions with a Learning Designer help plan and structure the content to create a stimulating and motivating learning experience for students. They provide a way to explore innovative ways of delivering content to facilitate student engagement.

Types of support we provide

Female employee make notes engaged in webcam conference or briefing with colleague

One-off consultancy

• General introduction to digital design process
• Exploratory meeting around needs and requirements

Businessman hand using laptop and tablet with social network diagram

'Light-touch' support

• Help with scoping the requirements (pedagogical and technical)
• Advice on relevant project management, roles and responsibilities, QA and governance structures
• One design session
• Guidance on writing effective content for online delivery
• Training in using relevant tools
• ID review and feedback on pilot materials


Designer hand working with laptop computer on wooden desk

Full digital design and delivery process

• Full planning—design—development—review process for online content

onference Training Planning Learning concept

Group training

• Introduction to digital design process
• Best practices in digital learning design
• Bespoke training on request