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Welcome to Education Transformation (ET)

The process of bidding for ET project support is currently paused as we support Faculty-wide Coordinated Transformation (CT). Support for your 2020/21 programme transformation is available via the CT initiative. Please bookmark this link as details will be updated continually.

For ideas and support with alternative assessments and remote teaching, a collection of resources is available via the Assessments section of the FoM Ed Tech Support site.

Familiar problems, new approaches, intriguing opportunities

"I can’t get my colleagues to do their marking on time."
"How can I do remote online assessment and marking?"
"My team are not confident doing Active Learning with students."
"How do I support part time and online students?"
"I want to do team projects and dissertations, but I’ve got no idea where to start."
"My subject is fast-moving, and my course goes out of date quickly."

We work with you to develop educational solutions and enhance the staff and student experience.

Transform your programme, raise your profile!

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How does Education Transformation (ET) work?

  1. You tell us your idea, problem or concept.
  2. We work with you to turn this into a bid.
  3. You submit your bid to the ET Board for faculty support,  content expert time, or digital development. Milestones and work packages are agreed. 
  4. The ET Board says Yes, No, or Yes with Conditions.
  5. We set up a project team with you to deliver the project.

Deadlines are spaced throughout the year.

What can I bid for?

Educational Support: One of the Education Transformation (ET) Fellows will be assigned to work with you and your programme. The ET Fellow responds to your expression of interest, and helps to implement your project.

Digital Support: For educational problems and opportunities where technology can help, you can bid for Digital Team time.

Content Expert(s): Support PhDs or postdocs hired on short term contracts to develop materials in connection with approved projects.

What can my proposal include?

We are happy to discuss any initial idea, and to help you develop it as an educational proposal.

In general, the board will welcome proposals addressing one or more of the following: 

  • How students learn (expectations, delivery, assessment, feedback, student engagement)
  • How staff teach (expectations, delivery, assessment, feedback, staff engagement)
  • Dynamic programme design and delivery
  • Obstacles to any of these, and educational solutions. 

Proposals may address known problems or opportunities of one programme, or a cluster of programmes. A range of responses will be eligible for support, from pragmatic adjustments to disruptive pedagogies.

Peer review

Your full proposal (or a summary) will appear on our site for a set interval before the ET Board. This will make the proposal visible to all College members, who will be able to post comments. Your designated ET Fellow may suggest clarifications or amendments.