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FOM PGT Education day 22 June 2021 

Looking Back, Looking Forward:  What worked, what didn’t, what next?

Our annual PG Education staff conference celebrated the past year and looked forward to the next one. We invited speakers from across our departments to contribute.

All sessions consisted of short ‘ignite’ presentations from a range of FOM PG programmes, with time for discussion and wash-up.  The education vice-provost Emma McCoy shared the College vision for education with us, and we also met Martin Lupton, the vice-dean for Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

One hundred colleagues joined us to learn what worked, what didn’t work, what we haven't tried, and how to gear up for the next year in PGT.

Session recordings for all the themes can be found on this page.

Session summaries

Introduction and Welcome Speech

Theme 1 - Student community, online experience, and asynchronous events

Presented by:

K. Hardy and A. Childs - Student Engagement Through Development of Highly Interactive Learning Resources

J. Lawson Engagement-focused Digitisation: How to Generate the Atmosphere of an Event Through Asynchronous Learning

M. Trela - Cohort Building Using Online Houses

Theme 2 - Feedback and e-assessment

Presented by:

I. Cebola, A Martinez-Sanchez & V. Adamonyte - Interdashboard System for Online TBL Assessment
Z. Hanif - From Conception to Implementation. The Process of Delivering Exams in NHLI

S. Sandrone - Active Feedback and Assessments

Theme 3 - Adapted delivery and e-solutions for active online learning

Presented by:

S. Barr - Articulate Rise to Improve Student Learning Experience
A. Lett - Collaborative Tools for an Online Grant Writing Exercise
A. Vacalopoulos - Sequences that Prime Student Engagement in Synchronous Sessions
K. Collet - Supporting Fully Online Students to Develop Novel Research Questions and Projects 

Plenary Session