Collaborative Resource Bank

The Academic Development Team have collaborated with Faculty of Medicine PGT staff to create a bank of resources to support learning and teaching, which range from written guidance through to examples of practice.

These resources are categorised under the sections shown below, where you can find information on how to access them.

If you would like to further engage with any of the topics of interest below, most of these themes are addressed in many of the online workshops that the Academic Development Team deliver, namely under the Explore Module Leadership and PGT Pedagogies series - visit their webpages to find out how to sign up.

If you have any issues with accessing the links, or have feedback or questions related to any of the resources, please contact Anna Maria Jones (Biomedical Education Transformation Fellow, Academic Development Team) via email at 

Active Learning

To access resources on Active Learning, click here.

Assessment and Feedback

To access resources on Assessment and Feedback, click here. You can also find resources on peer assessment and feedback within this section.

Curriculum and Session Design

To access resources on Curriculum and Session Design, click here.

Digital and Blended Learning

To access resources on Digital and Blended Learning, click here.

Embedding 'Mastersness'

To access resources on 'Mastersness', click here

Inclusive and Accessible Teaching

To access resources on Inclusive and Accessible teaching, click here.

Learning Outcomes

To access resources on Learning Outcomes, click here.

Managing Student Expectations

To access resources on Managing Student Expectations, click here.

Student Reflection, Metacognition and Professional Identity

To access resources on Student Reflection, Metacognition and Professional Identity, click here.

Teaching Evaluation

To access resources on Teaching Evaluation, click here.