This page holds information on Faculty of Medicine specific processes and procedures relevant to academic appointments, personal review and development planning (PRDP) / joint appraisal and the interface with our NHS Trust partners.  Please refer also to the Procedures and Forms page on the College Human Resources web pages for College-wide information on appointments and HR processes at Imperial.

Information on holding an academic appointment in the Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine (FoM) appointments approval procedures (see below)
Annual Minimum Performance Criteria for Academic Performance Review (PDF)  (login required)
Educational training requirements for probationary academic staff (PDF)

Teaching-related requirements for new lecturers in the Faculty of Medicine
Educational training requirements for probationary academic staff (PDF)
Peer Observation Procedures for Probationary Lecturers (PDF)

PRDP and Joint Appraisal
Relevant for all non-clinical staff:
Annual Performance Review: Your Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP) (PDF) 
Relevant for all academic clinical staff:
Joint Appraisal of Clinical and Senior NHS Consultant Staff (login required)

Information on HR procedures relevant to our interaction with NHS partner trusts
Faculty process for selection of University Reps for NHS consultant Appointments Advisory Committees (AACs)  
Honorary Academic Titles for medical and non medical NHS staff (Word)
Please refer also to information listed at the link noted above for Joint Appraisal of Clinical and Senior NHS Consultant staff.  

FoM appointments approval procedure


Gaining approval for new or replacement academic posts

Please note: This procedure is in the process of being updated and further information will be posted in due course.

Approval of any non academic posts

Please follow the process set out in the Recruitment and selection procedure  (login required) section of the College's HR web pages.

The request will need to be reviewed by FoM Finance and HR prior to recruitment.  Requests for external advertisement remain subject to College level Non Academic Recruitment Committee review until further notice.