For NHS Consultant appointments, DoH guidelines require appointments panels for posts which have teaching or research commitments to include a professional member nominated after consultation with the relevant university. Imperial College currently provides university reps for a number of NHS Trusts.

The Faculty Process for providing University Representative nominations to Trusts is as follows:

  • It is the responsibility of the Head of Department (HoD) to approve individuals who can act as University Representatives for NHS Consultant appointments panels.  For Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust the Director of Research is responsible but has delegated this responsibility to the relevant HoD.
  • University Representatives must be members of the College, either academic employees or honorary academics.
  • All requests from NHS Trust HR departments for University Representative nominations must be placed using the form on this page (see below).  The request will be directed to a nominated contact within the relevant Faculty department, based on the ‘specialty’ details provided on the form.
  • The appropriate Faculty department will review appropriate representatives within the relevant field, and provide appropriate nominations to the Trust (potentially seeking further details from the Trust if required, in order to make its nomination). 
  • The Trust should then contact the nominated individual or individuals (providing all appointment details including job description) to check their availability.
  • If none of the approved nominees are able to act as representative the Trust should advise the appropriate Faculty departmental contact, who will work, where possible, to nominate an alternate.  The Trust may suggest a possible alternative representative – in such cases the name(s) should be put forward by the Trust HR department to the relevant Faculty departmental contact in order that they can establish whether the proposed nominee would be suitable to act in the capacity of University Representative.
    NOTE: it has been agreed with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust that appointments panel dates will not be finalized until after identification of the agreed university representative.
  • If no suitable nominee can be identified, the Trust will be notified to this effect.