What can I book and how?


Rooms for timetabled teaching and FEO activity in FoM space

What activities does this include?

  • Core, timetabled FoM teaching (or other faculties wishing to use FoM space for the same)
  • FEO internal activities (such as committee meetings)
  • Internal FoM short courses
  • FoM outreach
  • Education centre room bookings (such as college libraries and the Centre for Co-Curricular Studies)
  • Room maintenance block-out requests

Next steps:

Make and amend room bookings by navigating to the 
Make or amend a room booking for teaching and FEO activity page.

View room bookings for specific modules by navigating to the Check room bookings for a module page.



Rooms for non-teaching in FoM or College space

What activities does this include?

  • Anything which is not considered core timetabled teaching, including (but not limited to) all types of meeting, all PhD related bookings and staff training

Next steps:

Booking FoM rooms for non-teaching:

 Booking non-FoM rooms for non-teaching:

Enquiries from non-college members:

All enquiries should be directed to: