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Check room information

To view room information please use one of the campus links below:

Note: Whilst all rooms listed are available for core-teaching, not all are available for non-teaching activities. The type of booking permitted for each room is indicated by the links contained at the bottom of each listing.

Check room availability

Staff can check current availability by using the room availability checker (opens in a new window). Please note that some rooms may display that are not listed in the room information section - these are not available for general use.


  1. In the box to the right of 'Room', start typing the name of the room that you would like to view using the following prefix format to bring up a list of rooms at a particular campus:

              CW - for Chelsea and Westminster
              CX - for Charing Cross
              HM - for Hammersmith
              SAFB - for Sir Alexander Fleming Building (SK)
              SM - for St Mary's

  2. Scroll down the list and click on the name of the room that you wish to view and it will load up in the calendar below
  3. You can change the way the calendar displays by selecting the calendar buttons to the left of the 'Room' box