2020 Assessment sessions will be either 08.30-12.30 or 13.00-17.00.


ST3 and ST4 General Junior Assessment Dates (2019-20)

Assessment in progressThe ST3 and ST4 General Junior assessments will take place between Tuesday 15 September and Thursday 24 September inclusive. Trainees will be invited to attend for assessment on their usual teaching day and will be allocated to morning or afternoon on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Group JM1 - Monday 21 September
  • Group JT1 - Tuesday 15 September 
  • Group JW1 - Wednesday 23 September
  • Group JTh1 - Thursday 24 September
  • Group JF1 - Friday 18 September
  • Group JW2 - Wednesday 16 September

ST5 and ST6 (and ST4 Vascular) Assessment Dates (2019-20)

ST5 and ST6 assessments will take place according to the trainee's sub-specialty:-

  • Breast Trainee Assessments - Monday 14 September (AM)
  • Colorectal Trainee Assessments - Tuesday 1 September, Thursday 3 September or Monday 7 September
  • Upper GI/HGB Trainee Assessments - Wednesday 2 September, Tuesday 8 September or Thursday 10 September
  • Vascular Trainee Assessments - Wednesday 9 September, Friday 11 September or Thursday 17 September

Please note that we are only able to offer one session for breast trainees. As these skills assessments are compulsory, all trainees are urged to book time away from their Trusts well in advance of the date.