An informal, discreet and no-strings chat to explore (new) ideas

Would you like to have a chat about possible ideas for a medical education research or evaluation project?

Do you have an idea for evaluating the new MBBS/BSc curriculum that you would like talk through?

Do you have any queries about the ethical review process?

Would you like a sounding board for an emerging idea?

Bring your coffee (or cuppa) and join Ana and/or Sue for an informal, discreet and no-strings chat any time between 4.30pm and 6pm on alternate Tuesdays.

These informal drop-ins can be used 1) to bounce ideas and/or get feedback on aspects related to evaluation and research of the new curriculum, and 2) to explore new ideas for medical education research projects. Depending on the number of Colleagues who will join us, this can also be space for networking. 

You can access these just by ‘dropping in’ for a few minutes or the whole session. For planning purposes only, please fill in a quick registration form up to 24h before the drop-in session that you would like to attendIf you would like to explore an idea privately, request a ‘closed’ meeting. Slots for this are available in advance. Ana and Sue invite you to register your interest for the ‘closed’ meeting so you are not disappointed.  

This is collegiaand ethical space. All who decide to engage in the drop-ins will encounter a respectful, trustworthy, supportive and positive environment. All participants and facilitators will be expected to maintain ethical research behaviours, including honesty and strict confidentiality. 

Targeted audience

All members of staff/faculty in the Faculty of Medicine and its associated partner NHS Trusts.

Frequency and duration

Fortnightly; Tuesday, 4.30-6pm

Please register you interest in ‘dropping in’ by filling a 1-min form until 24 hours before the drop in. 

Note: If you would like a ‘closed’ meeting, for example, if you have a novel idea which you are not ready to share more widely, please express your interest by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form. There will be a maximum of 6 closed meeting slots per any one drop-in.

Facilitators: Dr Ana Baptista and Prof Sue Smith

Certificates of attendance can be provided to all participants by MERU in request.

If you have any queries, please email Dr Ana Baptista.