Researching and improving participation

MERU supports Imperial’s aim that each student entering the College should feel valued and respected for their own unique talents and attributes and should feel part of our community.

More students from non-traditional backgrounds are embarking on medical careers both locally and nationally.  By actively engaging with our student body and working alongside student co-creators, we are building a deeper understanding of their experiences in the School of Medicine, in classroom, clinic and community to ensure that every student reaches their potential at Imperial.

Awards, grants and prizes

  • Rayne Foundation Educational Grant: Growing future medical students: building confidence amongst non-traditional applicants to medicine (SF Smith)
  • President’s Fund for Learning and Teaching. Developing a sustainable approach to support students from under-represented groups in FoNS and Medicine (SF Smith, PI; KG Murphy, J Seddon, M Callan, T Brown, B Russell, A Ludley)
  • ASPIRE award for Excellence in Student Engagement

Research outputs

  • Sam, A. H., M. D. Reid, V. Thakerar, M. Gurnell, R. Westacott, P. Yeates, M. W. R. Reed, and C. A. Brown. “The Influence of Candidates’ Physical Attributes on Assessors’ Ratings in Clinical Practice.” Med Teach  (Feb 11 2021): 1-6. 

  • Vassie, C., S. Smith, and K. Leedham-Green. “Factors Impacting on Retention, Success and Equitable Participation in Clinical Academic Careers: A Scoping Review and Meta-Thematic Synthesis.” BMJ Open 10, no. 3 (Mar 25 2020): e033480. 

  • Vassie, C., and S. F. Smith. “Shifting Discourses of Widening Access from ‘Why Not You?’ To ‘We Want You’: Only One Part of the Solution.” Med Educ 51, no. 12 (Dec 2017): 1295. 

  • Patrick, Y., A. Lee, O. Raha, K. Pillai, S. Gupta, S. Sethi, F. Mukeshimana, et al. “Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive and Physical Performance in University Students.” [In eng]. Sleep Biol Rhythms 15, no. 3 (2017): 217-25. 

  • Smith, S., A. Alexander, S. Dubb, K. Murphy, and J. Laycock. “Opening Doors and Minds: A Path for Widening Access.” Clin Teach 10, no. 2 (Apr 2013): 124-8.