medical students

Researching clinical education

MERU supports our clinicians and teaching fellows across our affiliated clinical teaching sites develop their educational research skills and academic scholastic practice. Our research in this area aims to enhance preparedness for practice and the clinical learning experience of our students.

We have made a direct contribution to clinical learning, by creating and delivering an AoME-accredited educational programme offered to all our clinical teaching fellows enabling them to enhance their teaching and educational research practice, to their benefit and that of our students.

Awards, grants and prizes

  • ASME/GMC Excellent Medical Education Awards 2019, winner undergraduate category 2019
  • Silver medal for best oral presentation at Transform MedEd Conference, Singapore 2018
  • Winner of the Education Prize at the Society for Academic Primary Care Conference, Oxford 2015
  • Winner of the Best Short Presentation Prize at the International Skills Conference, Prato 2013

Research outputs

  • Vassie, C., O. Mulki, A. Chu, and S. F. Smith. “A Practical Guide to Fostering Teaching Excellence in Clinical Education: Experience from the UK.” Clin Teach 18, no. 1 (Feb 2021): 8-13. 

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MERU supported/funded research from within the faculty 

  • Misquita, L., L. Millar, and B. Bartholomew. “Simulated on-Call: Time Well Spent.” Clin Teach 17, no. 6 (Dec 2020): 629-37. 

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