Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

The research in this theme will lead to improved surveillance capability and better estimation of disease burden in key risk groups, leading to enhanced understanding of epidemiology to inform future interventions.

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Professor Peter Openshaw

Professor Peter Openshaw is Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College London. He has worked on immune-mediated lung disease since 1985, especially RSV and influenza. He founded the Department of Respiratory Medicine in 1988, which now has more than 80 research scientists working on the pathogenesis of respiratory infections.

Dr Monica Galiano

Dr Monica Galiano is a clinical scientist and PHE Theme Lead for RSV as well as co-supervisor of our HPRU PhD student on the implementation & validation of whole-genome sequencing protocols for NGS sequencing of RSV viruses from clinical samples obtained from community, hospitalised patients and vaccine trial volunteers (2016-2018).   She was PHE lead on the development of a high throughput influenza sequencing pipeline in a multicentre collaborative project with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and other UK institutions.  Monica was a key part of the UK team to release the complete genome sequence of the first UK isolate of the pandemic influenza A(H1N1)2009 strain and a major contributor to the analysis of the molecular epidemiology of pandemic viruses circulating in the UK, having characterized by whole genome sequencing more than 400 A(H1N1)2009 viruses directly from clinical samples.

Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARIs)

The novel research in this area aims to investigate metagenomic-based diagnosis of respiratory infections, with state-of-the-art capability to detect and characterise emergent and hard-to-culture pathogens.

2 column general content block - Severe Acute Respiratory Infections PI's

Professor Sebastian Johnston

Professor Sebastian Johnston is Head of the Airways Disease Infection Section. His research in infection induced exacerbations of airway diseases is internationally recognised as world leading.  He is Director of the MRC Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma since 2011 and was appointed to the only Asthma UK Professorship in 2011.

Dr Vicki Chalker

Dr Vicki Chalker is Head of the Respiratory and Vaccine Preventable Bacteria Reference Unit at PHE Colindale and is internationally recognised as a world leading Mollicute expert with increasing expertise and remit for a large range of micro-organisms including legionella, streptococci and leptospira. In addition to heading the National Legionella Reference Laboratory (NLRL), she has previously led genomic studies of respiratory and systemic pathogens and formed and led European consortia for specific pathogens. In addition to providing reference services her team focuses on the development and validation of international standard methods for the laboratory diagnosis, increased discrimination and field investigation of pathogens including legionellosis.