student activities

A range of student experiences including exchanges, placements, projects and clinical electives for partner students

Student-focused activities

We offer a wide range of opportunities:

  • Student Exchanges, including ‘Immersion’ at Imperial
  • Student Clinical Electives Programmes in Imperial hospitals
  • Clinical Research Initiative projects
  • International Student Research Projects
  • PhD and Master’s opportunities

We provide a range of bespoke student activities as a key element of our collaborative partner relationships. The Collaborative Partnerships team is part of the Faculty of Medicine and enjoys strong working relationships with leading medical teaching institutions around the world. Our partner institution students come to Imperial College London to experience a taste of life as a medical or research student hosted by a world-class UK University and at the same time, they gain exposure to the city of London, learning new and enriching experiences outside their home country.

The type of student experience is determined by the nature and scope of the collaborative partnership between Imperial College London and the partner. For example, students may undertake clinical electives, clinical observations, participate in undergraduate lectures, study on our summer school programme, and carry out research projects at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. From 2020 eligible students may apply to study on one of our intercalated BSc degree pathways.

There are many advantages to studying abroad; coming to Imperial forms part of the global student experience; widening horizons, enhancing independence and embracing new customs and experiences, all within the clinical medical field.

All activities are tailored as much as possible to students’ interests and requirements. During their time at Imperial, students have access to Imperial facilities, support from Academic Tutors and contact with the Collaborative Partnerships Team.