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Partners First

From your first concept to your first graduation, we work closely with you to fully understand the contextual requirements for your new school, ensuring the highest level of expertise, innovation and collaboration to deliver success as we work through the project together. Our approach centres on understanding your needs and exceeding your goals.

What does building a new medical school with you include? 

Building your medical school in partnership with us means that you gain exclusive access to Imperial’s proven education model, equipping you with the tools to develop a the highest quality medical school curriculum in your country. 


We have extensive experience in developing, managing and overseeing a medical school, with expertise in operational, technical, academic, governance, clinical, and student experience areas. We also provide quality assurance oversight and review to ensure alignment with the highest standards and policy frameworks, and a network for international collaborations. 
Building your medical school with us includes, but is not limited to: 
  • Advice on the planning and set-up of the medical school  
  • Ensuring the business plan meets objectives  
  • Development of a governance structure and key policies 
  • Assistance in programme publicity, student selection and admissions 
  • Independent Quality Assurance overview and advice  
  • Develop all aspects of the MBBS programme including curriculum and assessment 
  • Exploring staff mobility and research collaboration options 
  • Access to Imperial’s wider network of experts 
  • Regular review of the collaboration to ensure deliverables are met


What is the process for creating my own medical school? 

We recommend structuring a collaboration in three phases, each one with its own milestones, stakeholders, resource requirements, and partner role and responsibilities. We work with you from inception through to delivery and review. Strong cooperative partnership working at every step of the process, including strategic planning, identifying local partners, developing a bespoke mapped curriculum with reviews and enhancements, we offer a fully scoped model. 

The first step is to let us know what you're thinking and discuss your initial ideas with our team. Please contact us here with your enquiry.