Genomics facilities

We support all aspects of next-generation sequencing projects, from sample to data

  • Our services include consultation in designing experiments, library preparation, sequencing, analysis and interpretation of sequencing data as well as dissemination of results.
  • Please contact us to arrange for a consultation to discuss your project.
  • We welcome research collaborations with our users and projects will be considered on an individual basis upon submission of a detailed project proposal.
  • Our services are available to both internal and external users from the academic and private sectors.



We currently support the following next-generation sequencing applications:

Whole Genome Sequencing Shotgun
Whole Exome Sequencing Exons  |  Exons+UTR  |  Exons+Custom Target (6.8Mb)
Custom Target Capture 1-499kb  |  0.5-2.9Mb  |  6-11.9Mb  |  12-24Mb
Amplicon Sequencing Illumina TruSeq Custom Amplicon
RNA Sequencing mRNA (polyA+) stranded  | total RNA (polyA+/-) stranded with cytoplasmic & mitochondrial rRNA removal  |  Small RNA
Methylation Profiling RRBS-seq  |  Bisulphite-seq
16s Metagenomic Profiling V3/V4 Regions  |  Custom Regions
ChIP Sequencing  
We currently support the following next-generation sequencing applications

We will consider non-established protocols on a collaborative basis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Experimental design

We provide support for the experimental design, troubleshooting and optimisation of next-generation sequencing projects. We can assess feasibility and suggest the optimal experimental design for your project, taking into account sample availability and budget constraints. We provide advice on the choice of sample, sample sizes, sample collection and extraction. We provide library preparation and advise on the choice of read length, read type (single vs. paired-end) and sequencing depth.

We encourage our customers to get in touch with us as early as possible, ideally at the planning stage of their project. This allows us to identify any potential problems with the experimental design that could impact on the subsequent bioinformatics analysis, and to help customers achieve their desired outcomes.

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Library preparation

We provide support on all aspects of sample library preparation and offer a comprehensive service for a wide range of next-generation sequencing applications. The facility has dedicated technical support and up-to-date equipment for sample quality control (QC) and the preparation of DNA/RNA libraries for next-generation sequencing projects. Our equipment includes the Covaris S2 DNA sonication system, Agilent Technologies Bioanalyzer 2100, Life Technologies Qubit fluorometer, and Life Technologies StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System.

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The facility caters for the sequencing needs of both small and large-scale genomics projects providing access to the newest Illumina sequencing systems, the Illumina HiSeq 4000, Illumina Nextseq500 and Illumina MiSeq.

Illumina HiSeq 4000 Offers high coverage, fast turnaround times, and the flexibility to process various sample types. It is a dual-flow cell system that can process one or two flow cells in parallel and provides high output and daily throughput with a capacity of 1.5 Tb and 5 billion reads per run. The HiSeq 4000 can sequence up to 12 genomes, 100 transcriptomes, or 96 exomes in fewer than 3.5 days.

Illumina NextSeq 500 has two run modes, high- and mid-throughput, enabling a flexible platform to handle a range of different types of projects. Whole-genome, transcriptome, and targeted resequencing applications can be performed with a rapid, one-day turnaround. Data are generated in as little as 12 hours for a 75-cycle sequencing run and less than 30 hours for paired 150-cycle reads. 

Illumina MiSeq is the only personalised sequencing system capable of automatically producing paired-end reads with a very fast run time, ranging from 3.5 hours to 35 hours. The single lane flow cell can accommodate up to 7Gb with 24-30 million paired-end reads per run and integrates amplification, sequencing and data analysis in a single instrument.

We offer the following sequencing modes on the HiSeq and MiSeq systems:

IGF platform outputs

















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Data analysis

We maintain high-performance computing workflows for the analysis of large-scale sequencing data sets obtained from a wide range of next-generation sequencing applications. These currently include variant detection from targeted and whole-genome sequencing, expression quantification, de novo assembly of pathogen genomes, protein-DNA interaction detection, methylation profiling and metagenomic profiling.

We have dedicated access to computer nodes, secure and backed-up storage at the Imperial High-Performance Computing Service and the Imperial Data Centre. In order to facilitate the interpretation, visualisation and mining of genomic data, we provide access to a local mirror of the UCSC genome browser and have a licence for the Human Gene Mutation Database Professional. We also assist with the submission of sequencing and variant data to the relevant archives for publication.

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