Clinical trials and evaluation

We are at the forefront of evaluation of the benefits and risks of treatments and interventions, through clinical trials, pharmaco-epidemiology, and evaluations of health service performance.

Clinical trials and evaluation at Imperial College London

Imperial Clinical Trials Unit

The Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU) encompasses every aspect of all stages of clinical trials, from generation to delivery. As one of only 25 fully registered trial units within the UK, ICTU has a track record and experience of centrally coordinating multi-centre clinical trials and other well-designed studies.

We have built on a very successful cardiovascular clinical trial portfolio into the other areas of:

  • cancer
  • infectious diseases and HIV
  • surgery
  • emergency medicine and critical care

ICTU is a research unit working across both Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, with the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and affiliated NHS trusts delivering world class clinical trials. The Unit works closely with Imperial's Joint Research Office to ensure that the regulatory, legal, and quality control aspects of trials are met.

Research programmes

These include local, national, and international evaluations of health services and health service performance, with strong links to the NW London CLAHRC, the London Research Design Service, Dr Foster Intelligence, and the Global E-health Unit.

 We use the following  resources for clinical trials in order to evaluate new treatments and therapies for patients:

We also look at data sources from secondary and primary care – where most patients experience their treatment within the NHS – in order to improve the patient experience.