North West London Research Symposium

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Academic Opportunities for Junior Doctors: 10 October 2016

We were joined by over 70 clinical academics/researchers, from a variety of specialties and career stages, seeking information and advice on developing a successful career in academic medicine. Feedback from the delegates was overwhelmingly positive with many saying they had received useful insights and tips for developing their academic careers.

Here are the presentation materials from the event (more to be added):-

Overview of the academic training pathway - Professor Waljit Dhillo (ppt)

Wellcome Funding Opportunities - Clare McVicker (ppt)

Training and Career Development The NIHR Fellowship scheme - Dr James Fenton (ppt)

The life of a clinical academic - Dr Victoria Salem (ppt)

CATO Masterclass: Developing research careers beyond PhD: 15 March 2017

We were joined by 45 delegates, the majority were clinical PhD students and clinical research fellows from across Imperial campuses. Delegates came from a mix of specialties, professions, and levels, and also included non-medical clinical academics.

Here are the presenation materials from the Masterclass: -

Wellcome Funding Opportunities - James Harden (ppt)

Post-PhD Opportunities - Prof Waljit Dhillo (ppt)

Making Patient Public Involvement Meaningful - CATO (ppt)

Tips on Grant Application Process - Prof Marina Botto (ppt)

Health Research Authority - Involve Statement 2016 (pdf)

CATO Research Symposium: 7 June 2017

This year’s CATO symposium showcased an array of inspiring projects from researchers across Imperial at all stages of their training and from multiple professions.

The event was attended by nearly 60 participants and their supervisors representing a broad range of specialties and professions, all of whom are involved in research work while undertaking their clinical training and/or clinical service roles. Following the submission of research abstracts ahead of the event, seven projects were selected for oral presentations and prizes were awarded to the best presentations - selected by delegate vote. The presenters selected to speak were Dr Clare Thakker (Academic Foundation Trainee), Dr Rose Penfold (Academic Foundation Trainee), Dr Joanne Evans (Academic Clinical Fellow), Dr Harry Leitch (Academic Clinical Fellow), Mr Victor Mariano (Nurse Research Fellow), Dr Akhilesh Jha (PhD Fellow), and Dr Markus Sikkel (Academic Clinical Lecturer). Delegates voted via an interactive online voting system for their favourite oral presentations and big congratulations go to our three winners, Joanne Evans, Markus Sikkel, and Clare Thakker.

Delegates were also given an inspirational keynote presentation from Professor Roger Kneebone on the concept of ‘Reciprocal Illumination’. In his talk, Prof Kneebone proposed that education is primarily about interaction, and can be a process by which everyone can expect to gain new insights. This notion brings clinicians, scientists and members of the public together to share their perspectives in an environment where all viewpoints are accepted as being equally valid. The aim is to bring about a change in the way everyone views healthcare and the NHS.

Continuing with the theme of interaction Professor Helen Ward, Director of the Imperial Patient Research Centre, gave a personal account of her own research career and how she became involved in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)/Public Engagement (PE) when she was researching HIV in the 1980s. Professor Ward also gave feedback on the PPI statements from delegates who submitted abstracts for the Symposium – offering tips on best practice and advice on embedding PPI/PE into research projects. The best PPI/PE statement was awarded a prize, which went to Dr Oliver Boughton who described how a patient involvement group was set up in his research group to get feedback from patients with different orthopaedic conditions.

We would like to thank all those who attended and showcased their research and also to our keynote speakers for sharing insights into their research interests and experiences.

North West London Research Symposium for Health Professions: 21 September 2016

This annual event is aimed at nurses, allied health professions, midwives, pharmacists and healthcare scientists doing research of any sort – including those thinking of undertaking a research postgraduate course or wondering about pursuing a research career.  Throughout the symposium participants showcase their work through oral presentations and posters to highlight research projects being undertaken across the AHSC, ICHT and associated partners, all exploring ways of improving patient experience and care.   

We have included the presentation materials below from speakers/workshop facilitators who have given us permission to do so.

North West London Research Symposium - Programme - 21 September 2016‌ (pdf)‌

Presentation materials

Workshop materials


News stories

ACF scheme successful in developing careers in research

A study has been conducted to examine the impact of the NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) model, over its first 10 years, in developing clinical academic careers by tracking the progression of ACF trainees.

The full report can be accessed on BMJ Journals here.

North West London Research Symposium for Health Professions

North West London Research Symposium for Health Professions:  September 2016 (Imperial College London, South Kensington campus) 

We were joined by over 100 healthcare professionals from the North West London area (and beyond), representing a wide range of professions and institutions; all interested in discussing and learning more about research. We do hope you were able to take away useful insights from all of the presentations, research posters, and workshops.

To read more about this event and to access the event materials then please read here

Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD programme

Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Programme

Imperial has been awarded a 5-year Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD programme, making it one of only seven schemes to have successfully obtained funding. The scheme will be supported by the Imperial Clinical Academic Training Office and the NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre which will provide funding for additional fellowships. The first cohort will be recruited this winter, to start in autumn 2017.

For more information on this new programme please go to the Imperial College News article here.