Bursary scheme for ICHT non-medical clinical academics* on Imperial Health Charity/NIHR Imperial BRC funded research fellowships

Bursaries are available to Imperial College Healthcare Trust staff undertaking IHC/BRC funded research fellowship (non-medical) to provide partial funding for the purchase of software programmes/licences required to undertake their research projects (i.e, SPSS, NVIVO and EndNote). 

This bursary scheme, administered by the CATO Team, is available for a 1-year trial period in the first instance, from April 2018-March 2019 only

Bursaries will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are advised to apply early to avoid disappointment since funds are limited.

Further details about the application process are provided below. For queries please contact CATO@imperial.ac.uk or 020 331 31373.

*Non-Medical Healthcare Professions: Nurses, Allied Health Professions, Midwives, Pharmacists and Healthcare Scientists.

Research Software Bursaries

Software Bursary: Application process

  • There are 2 stages to the bursary application process:

-    Stage 1:  completion of an application form to request approval

-    Stage 2:  completion of an expenses claim form to reclaim approved expenses

  • Applicants should first complete an online bursary application form and upload scans of receipts showing proof of purchase of the software programmes/licences. Purchase of more than one programme can be applied for in the same application form
  • The submitted application will then be reviewed by the CATO Team
  • If the application is approved, CATO will give applicants an Expenses Claim Form. This should be to completed and returned, together with the original receipts, for the reimbursement payment to be arranged.

Note:  Before purchasing any software applicants have the option to contact CATO giving details of their planned purchase to ask for a ‘decision in principle’ if they prefer to have confirmation of support before incurring any expenses (cato@imperial.ac.uk).

Research Software Bursary: Details and Eligibility

Bursary Details:

  • The bursary provides partial funding support to purchase of research software programme(s), the applicant is required to fund the remaining proportion of the costs themselves
  • The bursary operates on a reimbursement basis.  Applicants must purchase the software themselves ‘up front’ and then apply for a bursary to reclaim a proportion of the costs back
  • The bursary funds a maximum of 75% of the total cost per person of purchasing the software programme(s). The upper limit of subsidy for any individual will be £2,250
  • An annual license for the purchase of software programmes is the recommended arrangement
  • Applicants are advised to apply for the bursary at the start or in the early stages of their award to achieve maximum use from the software during their fellowship time.


  • Eligibility for the bursary is limited to only ICHT funded IHC/BRC funded Pre- and Post-Doctoral research fellows (non-medics) both those in post (at April 2018) and those about to start a 2018-19 fellowship
  • Staff who have completed IHC/BRC funded research fellowships within the last 2 years may also be considered for this bursary, these applications will be assessed on a case by case basis
  • ICHT staff who have Honorary ICL contracts should fully explore what packages/programmes are available to them free of charge or at discounted rates through the College before applying for a CATO bursary
  • Before looking to purchase software programmes all eligible applicants should consider alternative/more economical options, e.g. using “R” for statistical programming/analysis which is free and increasingly used, or Graphpad or STATA instead
  • CATO reserves the right to refuse any applications deemed to be ineligible or to fall outside the remit of the bursary scheme.