CATO Academic leadsAcademic Training Leads

Each specialty training scheme has a designated training lead to oversee the academic element of the programme. Clinical academic trainees are advised to make contact with their Academic Training Lead as soon as possible after joining the programme and to stay in regular contact during their time on the scheme. Academic Training Leads have responsibility for and can help with:

  • oversight of the academic element of ACF and CL schemes and representing the schemes at committee level
  • ensuring and advising on the allocation of research projects/academic supervisors to each academic trainee
  • negotiation and organisation of research blocks
  • helping academic trainees to resolve any difficulties that they may have with managing their programme
  • general communications and advice about the programme and encouraging ACFs/CLs to engage in CATO initiatives such as mentoring, courses and events
  • oversight of each ACF/CL’s progress through the ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) process
  • liaison with Clinical Training Leads on planning academic training programmes for trainees.

Clinical Training Leads

Clinical Training Leads, also referred to as Training Programme Directors, have overall responsibility for the clinical specialty programme. Clinical Training Leads have responsibility for and can help with:

  • overall management of the recruitment of trainees
  • organisation of trainees' clinical rotations
  • ensuring the delivery of the clinical curriculum within the training programme
  • management of the assessment process for trainees
  • liaison with Academic Training Leads on clinical training elements of academic training.

Contact details

SpecialtyAcademic Training LeadsClinical Training Leads/Training Programme Directors

Acute Medicine 

Dr Sonya Abraham

Florian Wernig

Joanne Thompson

Anaesthetics Dr Anthony Gordon
Dr Michelle Hayes

Dr Peter Brooks
Cardiology Prof Nicholas Peters

Dr Alexander Lyon



Professor Darrel Francis

Dr Rebeeca Lane



Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr Prakash Punjabi

Dr Prakash Punjabi

Chemical Pathology

Prof Waljit Dhillo
Prof Karim Meeran
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Prof Martin Wilkins
Prof Martin Wilkins
Clinical Radiology

Dr Nishat Bharwani

Dr Declan O'Regan

Dr Nishat Bharwani


Emergency Medicine (Paediatrics) Dr Ian Maconochie
Dr Ian Maconochie


Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

Prof Waljit Dhillo
Prof Karim Meeran
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Prof Mark Thursz

Dr Nicholas Powell

Dr Kevin Monahan



General Surgery

Prof George Hanna

Dr Daniel Leff

Mrs Katy Hogben                                   

Genitourinary Medicine Prof Graham Taylor
Dr Alison Mears



Prof Mike Laffan



Dr Nina Salooja

Dr Abdul Shlebak


Dr Candice Roufosse

Dr Rashpal Flora
Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Prof Shiranee Sriskandan

Dr Giovanni Satta
Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Anthony Gordon

Dr Gary Wares
Medical Education

Prof Desmond Johnston

Medical Oncology

Dr Jonathan Krell

Prof Iain McNeish

Dr Mark Bower

Prof David Sharp

Dr Richard Perry

Mr Dipankar Nandi


Mr Ramesh Nair
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Prof Phillip Bennett

Ms Karen Joash
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Prof Justin Cobb

Dr Chinmay Gupte                       

Dr Chinmay Gupte
Occupational Medicine

Prof Paul Cullinan


Prof Francesca Cordeiro

Mr Saurabh Jain

Paediatric Immunology, Infectious Disease and Allergy

Prof Jane Davies

Prof Sudhin Thayyil

Dr Jethro Herberg

Dr Bob Klaber
Paediatrics and Child Public Health

Prof Jane Davies

Prof Sudhin Thayyil

Dr Jethro Herberg

Dr Bob Klaber

Plastic Surgery

Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy

Dr Jonathan Simmons

General Practice and Primary Care

Prof Azeem Majeed

Dr Shivani Tanna

Ms Nadine Engineer

Dr Martin Block

Dr Dasha Nicholls

Dr John Lowe
Public Health Medicine

Prof Azeem Majeed

Dr Matthew Harris 
Renal Medicine Dr David Thomas
Dr Megan Griffith

Dr Maria Loucaidou
Respiratory Medicine Prof Sebastian Johnston

Dr Rachel Davies

Rheumatology Prof Matthew Pickering

Dr Harry Penn

Urology Prof Hashim Ahmed

Mathias Winkler

Vascular Surgery Prof Alun Davies

Keith Jones

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