Second Life Demo

Phase II introduces a multi-patient approach. Five virtual patients suffering from different respiratory problems: Asthma, Lung Cancer, COPD, Pneumonia and Pneumothorax have been implemented. The learner is asked to make decisions based on current information and acquires new information as a result of different decisions.

More general feedback and guidance for cyclical content has been introduced in this phase. The Imperial College London badge is offered as an option for learners to wear. The badge provides feedback from the system. Feedback will be delivered to the learners if they have not carried out any activity for the last 5 minutes. The feedback will inform the students about the patient they last treated and the last activity carried out on that patient.

A web world environment has been implemented consisting of a three-tier architecture based on J2EE’s Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern – tier 1: web-server; tier 2: application server; and tier 3: database. This model accommodates the delivery of a one-to-many relationship between the user/student and several virtual patients.

A heads-up display (HUD) was designed in order to keep the learner informed of his/her performance. HUD elements indicate player/learner status showing which direction the player/learner is going or where the player/learner ranks in the game.

Second Life Phase II screenshot 1

Virtual Hospital HUD image

Second Life Phase II screenshot 2

Second Life Phase II screenshot 4