Trainees are allocated to a generic training programme. While the Foundation School will endeavour to keep trainees in their allocated programme, due to current Trust service reconfigurations all programmes are subject to change in relation to placement order, content, length, site and Trust. 

Allocation to programmes will be undertaken via Oriel. Applicants are asked to rank programmes in order of preference by 1st April 2017. Programmes are allocated according to the applicant's original FP score. The algorithm for allocating programmes will operate the same as for allocation to Foundation School. Applicants may rank as many or as few programmes as they wish but the more programmes they rank, the higher their chances of being matched to one of their chosen programmes. Applicants wishing to avoid random allocation are advised to select a wide range of programmes.

Applicants who have been allocated to NWTFS on the basis of special circumstances are entered into the allocation process in exactly the same way as others in order that standard applicants are not disadvantaged. Further information is available regarding special circumstances and can be found under the FAQ section on the General Guidance web page. 

Once allocated, applicants may not exchange programmes with one another, nor may an applicant change to another programme in the event of a vacancy occurring.

Programme Ranking

Please see the below information relating to Deciles (each decile is roughly 10% of allocated applicants to NWLFS), this may help you when deciding how many programmes to rank.

North West London Foundation School Allocation Deciles (total 237)

1st Decile             90.57+

2nd Decile            89.36 – 90.54

3rd Decile             88.35 – 89.35

4th Decile             87.42 – 88.34

5th Decile             86.47 – 87.25

6th Decile             85.98 – 86.46

7th Decile             85.56 – 85.97

8th Decile             85.05 – 85.55

9th Decile             84.38 – 85.04

10th Decile           84.37 and below

Spreadsheet of NWLFS Jobs 2017/19‌ to assist you in ranking the programmes on Oriel (uploaded 16/3/17)

More information

F1 Job descriptions

Please see 'Job descriptions' tab on the left of the page for all job descriptions.  Academic job descriptions are under the 'Academic programmes' page.

F1 Open afternoon

NWTFS will hold an open afternoon for those students allocated to the school on Friday 24 March 2017, 3-6pm  

F1 Sign-off

Towards the end of your F1 Foundation Year you will undergo an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel with your Foundation Training Programme Director and two others. They will review your ePortfolio and other evidence of your progression over the year. If satisfied, they will award you an outcome 1 ‘Satisfactory Completion of F1.’ The Foundation School Director will then sign your Attainment of Year 1 (F1) Competence certificate.

As part of sign-off all F1 doctors must also complete a Transfer of Information form for their F2 Trust.

Detailed guidance on the sign-off process for F1 Foundation Doctors in NWTFS can be found on Synapse.

GMC Full Registration for Imperial College MBBS Graduates

The Imperial College Faculty Education Office (Medicine) processes the full GMC registration for all Imperial College London Graduates regardless of which Foundation School (FS) you are currently in.

The GMC will contact you in May with instructions and a reminder to check your access details on GMC Online. You will need to enter your GMC reference number and your password. If you do not know your password there is a 'Forgotten Password' link on the login page, you will have to provide your GMC number and your email that you have registered with the GMC, you will then be sent a new password. 

What you need to do:

  • Go online to the GMC website and complete your application as soon as possible after you receive the instructions letter from them. Making your online application also involves paying a registration fee online (£200). See guidance on the GMC website.
  • You will be asked to confirm the date you wish your full registration to begin, which (unless you are expecting a delay to your sign-off and/or start to your F2 year) is 2 August 2017.

The GMC will then contact Imperial College for confirmation that you have completed F1. In order to certify this, we will need to have received your 'Attainment of Foundation Year 1 Competence' certificate from your Foundation School no later than 10 July 2017.

The Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion (F1 CC) is an important document, and is retained in your ePortfolio. You will need it when applying for further higher training.

You will not be able to start work as an F2 doctor in August 2017 without full GMC registration. Please ensure you apply for full registration in a timely manner to allow the GMC sufficient time to process your application. Acceptance of your registration fee by the GMC does not denote that your application for registration has been granted. You can check the progress of your application online by logging in to GMC Online. Once your application has been approved your status will be updated to read 'full' in place of 'provisional', the GMC will email to let you know when they have done this, and also write to you with proof of entry to the register.

If you have any queries, please contact Martin Kenton - Faculty Education Office (Medicine) at feo.year6@imperial.ac.uk or call 0207 594 3644.

For GMC registration queries, please email gmc@gmc-uk.org alternatively call 0161 923 6602.

GMC registration

(Please note that the information below relates to F1 2014-2015, this will be updated for 2016 in due course).

UK Graduates should ensure that they contact their Medical School for advice on completion of their GMC Certificate of Experience (CoE). Those in North West Thames Schools must email their Certificate of Experience to their Medical School of graduation - Contacts. The Foundation School will forward their Attainment of Year 1 (F1) Competence certificates to the Medical Schools.  It remains the responsibility of the F1 to ensure that their Medical School receives their Certificate of Experience in time for their Full Registration to proceed.

EEA Graduates and non-EEA Graduates should send their Certificate of Experience to their Foundation School (Contacts) who will complete and sign as appropriate. The signed Certificate of Experience will then be returned to EEA Graduates and non-EEA Graduates.  EEA Graduates and non-EEA Graduates are responsible for sending all relevant documentation in relation to gaining their Full Registration to the GMC

GMC Provisional Registration:

In order to work as a Foundation year 1 doctor medical graduates must hold Provisional GMC Registration. The purpose of provisional registration is to enable medical graduates to participate in and complete an acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors. The only acceptable programme for provisionally registered doctors that the GMC recognises is the first year of the Foundation Programme, a 12 month programme which must meet the requirements set out in the GMC’s guidance, The Trainee Doctor (PDF).

The General Medical Council has issued the following guidance - Getting registered with the GMC (PDF).

Should you have any queries regarding registration, then please contact the GMC on 0161 923 6602 or email gmc@gmc-uk.org.

Registration and pre-employment checks

All F1s must be registered with the General Medical Council prior to taking up employment.  It is also a requirement of acceptance into the North West Thames Foundation School that you comply in a timely manner with Trust requirements, including Criminal Records Bureau checks, Occupational Health clearance, and any other processes deemed appropriate by the Trust. You must be eligible to work as an F1 from as early as 27 July 2015.  Failure to do so may result in your post being withdrawn.


Successful applicants wishing to shadow the F1 in their allocated programme should contact the Postgraduate Centre Manager of the relevant hospital.

Postgraduate Centre Managers







Chelsea and Westminster

Rosamunde Wood






Chris Campbell


Northwick Park



West Middlesex

Clo FIndlay clodagh.finlay@chelwest.nhs.uk

Transfer of information

The TOI process is designed to allow incoming F1s to highlight to their Foundation School Director(FSD) and Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD) issues that might be relevant to their training. The TOI process is a supportive process, aimed at allowing Foundation doctors to highlight to their local educator issues that may be of relevance to their performance as a doctor, and is also one of the processes used to safeguard patient safety.  Information contained on the TOI form will be passed from Medical Schools to the relevant Foundation School. No information will be shared with anyone unless the trainee has given explicit permission.