F2 All Foundation programmes are two years in duration, with the two years being educationally linked to from a two-year foundation programme. The employment contracts for each year are separate, and relocation expenses can not be claimed.

A swap shop will then take place in March. Information about this is available on Synapse

Once the swap shop process are finished, there will be no more swapping or moving allowed. F2 posts that become vacant as a result of this process or subsequently will be returned to the Trust and will be recruited to as an F2 Locum Appointment for Training (LAT). If trainees wish to apply for these jobs they would need to resign from the Foundation School (with appropriate notice) and apply for the LAT in open competition.

More information is available about F2 Job descriptions.

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F2 Sign-Off

Towards the end of your F2 Foundation Year, you will undergo an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel with your Foundation Training Programme Director and two others. They will review your ePortfolio and other evidence of your progression over the year. If satisfied, they will award you an outcome 6 'Satisfactory Completion of F2'. The Foundation School Director will then sign your Foundation Attainment of Competence certificate. 


All licenced doctors are legally required to revalidate every five years. The first time this is done is at the end of F2. As part of sign off, all F2s will complete the enhanced Form R on ePortfolio.  

Specialty Training

After completion of the F2 training year, doctors will normally apply for Specialty training. Application to Specialty training is made through LETBs, not Foundation Schools.  For more information see the MMC website.  

Queries regarding speciality training should be directed towards the applicant enquiries website.  

More information can be found from:

  1. The Royal Society of Medicine
  2. London Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education - Specialty Recruitment
  3. NHS Careers guidance

GP Placements

General Practice placements in the Foundation School provide F2 trainees with:

  • An enhanced understanding and the ability to operate across the primary/secondary care boundary.
  • A unique and broad perspective on the way in which the NHS can provide an integrated service to patients.
  • A personalised, flexible, trainee-centred education.

Individual trainees are allocated to GP Practices by either the HENWL GP department or by the HEEoE GP department.  

Contract of Employment
The Contract of Employment is held by the relevant NHS Trust of the allocated Foundation Programme. The Trust is responsible for paying salaries and other HR related issues. Each Practice will sign an Educational Contract with each of its Foundation trainees.

Practices taking F2 trainees on placements are approved by the LETBs GP department as suitable for training. All GP clinical supervisors will have undertaken a teaching course and regularly attend an F2 GP Supervisor Workshop.

Please note

  • F2s are allocated to a Practice near to their home Acute Trust, not near to their residential address
  • The Foundation trainees will not cover all competencies during the GP placement
  • some competencies may well be more readily met in General Practice than in some other rotations e.g. relations with patients and communication skills
  • Some competencies i.e. DOPs may be more difficult to demonstrate in General Practice
  • Every practice is different and will offer different learning opportunities for their Foundation trainee.  Therefore the F2 trainee is expected to be flexible to the working arrangements of individual practices and to discuss the timetable with the GP Clinical Supervisor