iCASE Doctoral Training Programme

Awarded to high calibre researchers who go on to conduct important research facilitated by academic expertise and commercial interactions

This page will be updated in late September or early October when we open our next round of studentship applications for the Enterprise DTP Programme 


Enterprise DTP Studentships, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) Doctoral Training Partnership, enable graduates with excellent honours degrees to undertake a 3.5 year training programme, which includes a research project plus training in research methods and transferable key skills, leading to the submission of a doctoral thesis and the award of a PhD.

The College is offering 6 fully funded Enterprise DTP Studentships to start in 2019-20. Each studentship is tied to a specific Collaborative Award in Science and Engineering (CASE) project. Enterprise DTP students will benefit from both the Imperial College MRC DTP package, and through the CASE commercial partner, additional training relevant to the industry, covering areas such as ethical standards, good laboratory practice, discovery and the development process, the R&D value chain and key activities and investment decisions, and the use of appropriate specialised equipment available to the commercial partner.

Deadline for receipt of applications is 23:59 (GMT) on 17 June 2019.


Research projects

Projects for the current call are listed below. In the application form, you will be asked to select one of these projects or rank two projects in order of your preference.

  1. Unlocking the promise of DNA vaccines
  2. Optimising antimicrobial prescribing through bio-sensor guided precision prescribing
  3. High throughput and effective transfection of cells using innovative methods and materials
  4. Potential therapeutic effects of engineered Clostridium STp products on immune activity
  5. Identifying biomarkers of treatment response in gestational trophoblastic disease through quantitative proteomics analysis of patient samples
  6. New age antibiotics: Bacteriocins

Further detail on these projects can be found at the research projects page.


Personal statement

The application form will ask you to provide a personal statement (or two personal statements if you select a second project). This should be 500-1200 words in length and should include the following:

  • Why you are applying for an Enterprise DTP
  • Why the project/s you selected interest you
  • What skills and experience you have that are relevant to this project/s

Further guidance for your application, and a link to the application form, are provided on the How to apply page.