Below are some answers to frequently asked questions in regards to the Enterprise DTP Studentships award and application process.

Please note: This information relates to the College Enterprise DTP Studentship programme. Other studentships will have a different recruitment process and may have different award details.

Application and selection

Application and selection

How do I apply for the Enterprise DTP Studentships, and what should I include in my personal statement?

Please see the How to apply page for all necessary information about the application process.

What is the selection process?

The Enterprise DTP programme is overseen by the Programme Director of the Imperial Medical Research Council Studentships, who together with supervisors and department leadership will evaluate all applications in a longlisting exercise. Applications that progress to the next stage will be scored by a panel of academics before reaching a shortlist for interview.

The scores and reviewers’ comments will be used to identify candidates that will be offered an interview. Interview panels will provide comments and scores for each candidate, which will be discussed with the Programme Director in making selection recommendations.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

Shortlisted applicants should expect to be contacted within 2-4 weeks following the application deadline (07 January 2021). Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we will not be able to respond to all applicants.

Will you need my references at the time of my application?

We will contact your referees after reviewing your application and prior to sending invites for interview.

Your application should include the name and contact details of two academic referees. If you are working, we will accept one academic referee and one work referee. Please also ensure that you choose referees who will be able to return a reference for you without delay.

How do I apply for both the Enterprise DTP and the President’s PhD Scholarship at the same time?

The Enterprise DTP application form is a separate form to the College application portal and will therefore not count as one of your formal programme choices. Successful candidates will be instructed to submit a PhD study application through the College application portal after receiving the studentship .

Can I take on teaching/clinical work or other paid work during the studentship?

Students may undertake teaching, demonstrating and other paid work, provided that the total demand on their time, including time spent in preparation, does not normally exceed six hours a week. Any work that a student undertakes must be formalised with a proper contract of employment covering the work the student is expected to do, and would need to conform to Home Office regulations regarding employment.



Am I eligible to apply for the Enterprise DTP Studentships?

Please refer to the eligibility criteria

I am a UK National. How do I know if I meet the residency requirements for this studentship?

The UK includes the United Kingdom and Islands (i.e. the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).
In terms of residency requirements for UK nationals, for programmes starting from 1 August 2021, candidates will continue to be eligible for home fee status as long as:

  • They were living in the EEA or Switzerland on 31 December 2020, and have lived in the EEA, Switzerland, the UK or Gibraltar for at least the last 3 years before starting a course in the UK.
  • Have lived continuously in the EEA, Switzerland, the UK or Gibraltar between 31 December 2020 and the start of the programme.

I have pre-settled status. How do I know if I meet the residency requirements for this studentship?

Those with pre-settled status will qualify as a home student for this studentship if they have 3 years residency in the UK/EEA/Gibraltar/Switzerland immediately before the start of their studentship.

I am an international applicant. Will my full tuition fees be covered?

We welcome applications from international candidates. If successful, international students will receive an identical funding package as home students. Tuition fees are covered at home level for all successful students. Currently there are no additional funds to cover fees up to the international rate. UKRI is the central organisation that oversees all Research Councils including the MRC and EPSRC, and they have provided detailed guidance on this.

As the announcement from UKRI is very recent, discussions about tuition fees for international students are ongoing and we are unable to provide any detail at this time. We would, however, recommend that you do not delay applying for the studentship/s, and we will update the residence eligibility guidance with any changes.

Financial support package

Financial support package

What does the studentship financial package include?

The Enterprise DTP studentships covers: 

  • Payment of tuition fees at home level 
  • A maintenance award of £18,000 per annum for the period of 3.5 years.
  • A research training support grant (RTSG) of £5,000 per annum, paid to the supervisor for supporting the student’s training and research.
  • A conference fund of £300 per annum to facilitate registration and attendance at conferences and scientific meetings.