The academic theme for 2022 is Pandemic Imperial with a focus on populations, patients and point mutationsDiscover more about this fast-moving topic below.

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What will I learn about?

The Summer School will explore in depth the dimensions of a pandemic – populations, point mutations, people and of course patients. Imperial’s scientists and doctors will share their approaches to this pandemic (and the next one) through an interactive and active learning experience.

Topics to be covered will include: vaccine design, new virus strains, health behaviour, host genetics and mathematical modelling. Further details of what you can expect to cover in each session can be found on the Pandemic Imperial - further details page.

You will not be expected to have prior knowledge of the Summer School topics covered. Our aim is to expand your academic horizons by offering you the opportunity to engage with topics that you may not have had the chance to encounter before. Some students may find some of the course material familiar however the breadth of subjects that we address is such that you are likely to encounter areas which are entirely new to you.

Who will I be taught by?

The Revolutions in Biomedicine Team has brought together top academics and researchers from across Imperial to teach on the Summer School. Here is a selection of the Imperial College faculty that worked with our students in 2021.

You will meet our current Master's and PhD students who will be able to share with you their experiences of studying at Imperial.

2 column general content block - academic programme

How will I learn?

We believe in Active Learning. 

  • You will use online biomedical tools and do ‘hands-on’ work in subjects like modelling, genome sequence analysis and trial design.
  • You will make decisions and recommendations about real-world situations.
  • Some of this learning will take place in teams of 4 students.
  • You will present your ideas and results to the rest of the class.
  • You will be supported by our teachers, your team members and your personal tutor.
  • You will have the chance to assemble a portfolio of your learning, to be submitted after the end of the summer school

Summer School structure

Monday to Friday you will receive up to 4 hours of online teaching every day and you will need to undertake 1-2 hours of independent study daily. The will be opportunities to work with other students online outside class.

Most sessions will be taking place from 9am until 1pm (BST). Further details of what you can expect to cover in each session can be found on the Pandemic Imperial page.

Attendance is vital, and you are required to attend at least 80% of your lessons in order to pass the course. There is also an optional assessment for those wishing to gain 7.5 ECTS credits for the Summer School.