The scholarship deadline for 2017 has now passed and we are unable to accept late applications for this scholarship. 


applications for the revolutions in biomedicine summer programme are still open. Please see the How to apply page for details. 


The Faculty of Medicine will award up to two scholarships to applicants who are best able to demonstrate outstanding potential in biomedical sciences and explain how the Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme will allow them to achieve their education and/or career aims. 

Programme alumni page has profiles from some of our previous Revolutions in Biomedicine students, including scholarship awardees. 

Scholarship details

How does the application process work?

Only those who completed both of the following steps before midnight on Thursday 2 February 2017 will be considered for the scholarship:

  • Complete and submit our online scholarship application form
  • Complete and submit an online application for the Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer Programme. 

Late submissions will not be accepted. 

As part of your scholarship application, you will be asked to provide details for an academic referee. This will need to be someone from your current or most recent university, who knows you personally and is able to vouch for your academic performance. Please note that we will contact your referee on your behalf as we are unable to accept a reference that you submit yourself. 

Your referee will need to respond to our reference request by midnight on Thursday 2 February 2017, so we recommend that you let them know in advance. If we don't receive a reference by 3 February, we will still process your scholarship application without it, but it may weaken your application. We will endeavour to send the reference request as soon as we can after you submit your scholarship application.  

Once all submissions have been received, a panel will review the information provided in the scholarship application form AND the programme application. An interview shortlist of candidates deemed to have the greatest potential in the biosciences will be chosen by this panel. All interviews will be conducted via Skype on Thursday 23 February 2017 and only candidates who have been interviewed will be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Once informed of the decision, successful applicants will be given 24 hours to accept their scholarship. If they do not respond within this time, the Faculty of Medicine reserves the right to award the scholarship to a reserve candidate. 

What is included in the scholarship?

The 2016 Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer Programme scholarship will cover the following:

  • Full tuition fees for 2017 (£3,500)
  • Accommodation in Wilson House halls of residence from 3 July to 28 July July 2017 (standard room with shared facilities)
  • Reasonable travel expenses to and from Imperial (up to £3000)
  • Living expenses of £20 per day

Awardees will be expected to pay for travel costs up front. These costs will then be paid to the awardee's bank account following the submission of proof of payment. If the awardee opts to not stay in Wilson House, the Faculty of Medicine may be able to pay the awardee an equivalent amount towards their accommodation elsewhere. However, the awardee will be required to pay the cost of this up front and will be compensated via their bank account following submission of proof of payment. Please note that we are not able to cover the cost of accommodation if the awardee already lives in or near London and opts to remain at home during the duration of the programme. The awardee will be expected to discuss these options with the Revolutions in Biomedicine administration team following confirmation of their award. 

What should I write in my scholarship application?

When completing the scholarship application form, applicants will need to write a scholarship statement of up to 400 words. In this statement, applicants should explain why they believe that they have outstanding potential in biosciences and how attending the Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme will allow them to achieve those aims. Applicants should draw upon their academic or career achievements to date and include details of any relevant extra-curricular activities. It is important to explain what your long-term objectives are in terms of education and career (professional or research) and how your achievements to date fit into these. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider financial need as part of the selection process as the team does not have the resources to independently verify this. We therefore recommend that you do not refer to financial need in your scholarship statement and concentrate on the themes listed above.

Terms and conditions

By applying for the Revolutions in Biomedicine Scholarships you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only those who have applied for a place on the Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme ("the Summer Programme") and have applied for the Revolutions in Biomedicine Scholarships ("the Scholarships") via the online application form by the deadline will be considered for these awards. 
  2. The Faculty of Medicine will only award the Scholarships to candidates who are able to display outstanding academic potential. If no such candidate is found then the Scholarships will not be awarded this year. If only such applicant is found then only one scholarship place will be awarded.
  3. All Scholarship applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the Summer Programme commencement date.
  4. If the Summer Programme does not run in 2015 then the Scholarships will not be awarded, or you accept that, if you are awarded a Scholarship and the Summer Programme is subsequently cancelled, your Scholarship will be cancelled. It will not be possible to transfer or defer the Scholarship. In particular, this scholarship is not transferable to any other programme run by Imperial College London, including summer programmes run by other faculties, departments and schools.
  5. Accommodation, travel and living expenses will only be provided for Scholarships awardees. Imperial is unable to cover the costs of any travelling companions.
  6. The successful applicant may need to initially pay for certain costs themselves (e.g. travel, living expenses and accommodation in non-Imperial run premises). These costs will be subsequently reimbursed, subject to the awardee presenting receipts as proof of payment. 
  7. These costs will not be reimbursed if the student does not attend the Summer Programme. 
  8. The Scholarships includes travel costs of up to £3000 per awardee; travel should be undertaken using standard or economy-class transport using the most efficient route available. Travel via business/premium/first class etc. services will not be covered.
  9. Awardees will be required to take part in promotional activities and have their image used to promote the Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme and/or Imperial College London.