The Revolutions in Biomedicine Summer School experience is unlike any other. Read what our past students say about this exciting course.

Alumni profiles

Buena (Republic of Kosovo), 2019 Summer School Attendee

My experience at Imperial has been nothing but inspiring and enriching to my personal and academic pathway. It has been an eye-opening program led by amazing scientists who gave me the opportunity to evolve and view science differently. My favorite part of this experience was the whole process of learning and becoming more independent. From the days in the lab doing research work, to holding a real human brain in my hands, discussing the pathological theories and possible cures for Alzheimer’s disease and hearing spontaneous inspirational speeches by our supervisors.

Luigi (Italy), 2019 Summer School Attendee

The summer was a fantastic journey across a world of discoveries and revolutions. The highlights included meeting an invaluable group of friends, spending my summer in the charming, cosmopolitan city of London and the charismatic and affectionate staff that supported us the whole time.

Luigi was one of the winners of our photo competition on the 2019 programme.  To learn more about the Summer School and to discover further student experiences please visit our Instagram account, @revsinbiomed.

Karen (Hong Kong), 2019 Summer School Attendee

The depth and breadth of the programme stand out from other similar summer programmes. By learning from the experts, I learnt sophisticated and innovative measures of using biomedicine to solve problems. The breadth of the programme is amazing as well. From technical details of current biosensors to discussions of bioethical issues, the programme helped me gain insights on a bigger picture of biomedicine. With the fun and engaging social programmes as a cherry on top, the four weeks have been amazing! 

Scholarship awardees

Onkar (India), 2019 Summer School Attendee

With the diligent and dedicated teaching staff the course offered, I had the time of my life. Their teaching methods stressed heavily on hands-on activities and group discussions, rather than one-sided lectures. So all our sessions were highly interactive with no dull moments. We also had two hour lectures some days, termed as Keynote Lectures, where specialists from various fields came and spoke. As well as a Career's Panel, involving interactions with students and graduates at various stages of their scientific career, allowing a new perspective into my choice-making process. We even had a week long lab project that let us design our own experiments which was very exciting. I thoroughly believe my time here has benefitted me, allowing me to not only apply what I learnt at my college, but also make new international friends and connections, students and professors, who I am sure I can collaborate with in the future.

Habibah (Indonesia), 2019 Scholar

As a medical student I found this summer course not only eye-opening but also as a great opportunity to start building networks! The academic themes gave a taste for various topics, presented by some of the best scholars in the subjects. I met students from all corners of the world with whom I learned to collaborate with. From hands-on research project and access to state of the art technology, I gained both technical skills and soft skills to engage in lab works. Exploring museums, having picnics and experiencing London's diverse culture with friends I have connected with were the hardest things to say goodbye to. Going back, I feel more confident yet challenged to seek the opportunities that await!