Revolutions in Biomedicine summer schools students studying in class

Applications now open!

Who is this scholarship for?

This scholarship is for any student applying to our online summer school. We award this scholarship based on your apparent potential to succeed in biomedical sciences after graduation, which is assessed in your scholarship application form.

What is included in this scholarship?

This scholarship covers the full course fee for the online summer school. 

How do I apply for this scholarship?

The applications for the 2023 scholarships are now open! Please ensure you have first completed an application on Imperial Gateway following the guidance on our How to Apply page before completing a scholarship application. Failure to do this could render your scholarship application invalid.

You can apply for multiple scholarships within the same scholarship form (as long as you are eligible). You should only complete a scholarship application once.

Click here for the 2023 scholarship application form
Within the application form there is guidance on how to best present yourself within your written statement. We advise you to follow this guidance to give yourself the best chance to be shortlisted for interview. We will not communicate with you about your application until the deadline has passed. If we offer you a scholarship, it will be conditional on a suitable academic reference.

What can I expect?

The Online Summer School Scholarship provides you with a unique opportunity to learn about science and medicine in an interesting and dynamic way. You'll be pushed out of your comfort zone to collborate with fellow students from across the globe and present your findings to the class. This is an active learning experience and will challenge you to take a different approach to studying, which will develop your your confidence and provide a great foundation for a career in science.

Read what our recent Online Summer School scholarship winner, Annisa had to say about her summer school experience:

"It was definitely an enriching and inspiring experience and went far beyond my expectations. I joined the online summer school; however, the sessions and facilities made me feel like I was attending the classes in person. Detailed information, responsive teaching staff, eye-opening sessions, and comprehensive activities were provided. The summer school theme was Pandemic Imperial – populations, people, and point mutations – which has been a new horizon for me and allowed me to learn new skills. Start by understanding vaccine innovations, bioinformatics, behavior interventions, and epidemic modeling! The sessions were also perfect and complete.

We even had fun social and interactive drop-in sessions with the student ambassadors. I have never joined any program that makes me feel encouraged, brave to share my opinion, and curious even more. Everyone gets to learn from each other – not only from our professor but from the others in our group. I met people from all around the world from various backgrounds. I am beyond grateful to be part of the summer school and ready to face future opportunities."