IMSE provides its Affiliates with opportunities to meet researchers with a diverse range of backgrounds to network, communicate and collaborate, and to engage in grand-challenge research that enhances discovery and innovation within the field of molecular science and engineering. 

Any Imperial academic or fellow who wishes to be associated with IMSE, and whose research and interests align with the mission of the Institute, may become an Affiliate. Affiliates play a key role in developing the IMSE agenda and defining the grand challenges, by actively participating in our events and collaborations. Current Affiliates are listed on the IMSE website.

If you would like to become an IMSE Affiliate or would like more information please contact Steph Pendlebury at

Affiliates' membership benefits

  • Research showcased on IMSE webpages, via the IMSE podcast, and newsletter and social media
  • Invitations to participate in IMSE grant proposals, briefing papers, research showcases and co-creation workshops
  • Opportunities for networking with academics across all four Faculties
  • Invitations to research discussions with academic and industrial visitors to IMSE
  • Institute support (including project management, external communications, or financial support) for cross-disciplinary activities, e.g. grant proposals, workshops, symposia, etc
  • Opportunities to develop industrial collaborations via supervision of students on the MRes in Molecular Science and Engineering
  • Funding for postdoc time contributed to debvelopment of IMSE Briefing Papers

Affiliates' obligations

In return for IMSE support and promotion of our Affiliates, we ask Affiliates to actively promote and engage with IMSE:

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about IMSE support for Affiliates, please get in touch with Steph Pendlebury, Institute Manager.