My name is Haoyuan Lu; I am from Macau, China. I majored in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington. My department afforded me ample opportunities to attend seminars and meet experts in numerous fields, and I was awed by the intricate connections between various scientific disciplines as well as the power and perhaps necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation in solving the ever-growing number of challenges our society faces. I chose the IMSE programme largely for its unique role as an interdisciplinary bridge where I get to meet classmates, lecturers and researchers from many different fields and backgrounds in IMSE classes and events. I’m currently working on my IMSE industry project on sustainable materials and considering pursuing a PhD in the same track.

In my spare time, I play video games of all types, binge anime, movies and TV series, and thoroughly enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasies, histories, mythologies and the occasional philosophical works. I’m a total geek, and proudly so.