My name is Ping-Chi (John) Tsai, and I am from Taiwan. I completed a Mechanical Engineering BEng degree in Heriot-Watt University in Malaysia and Edinburgh campus.  I researched the mechanical characterization and assessment of insect wings for my undergrade final year project. The results of the project critically appraised the efficiencies of the wings using the method of structural analysis. After I had done my dissertation, I found that I am interested in material properties. One of the ultimate goals in my life is to understand the purpose of life. Even low-level single cell living life can behave like they have their own consciousness. Where does the consciousness come from, and how does god create/input consciousness to a life or even a non-living object? According to a paper I read, the cell consciousness can be related to 'deep' quantum chemistry. I find IMSE' s program can give me a good transition for my mechanical engineering background knowledge to a more microscopic way to view the issue or challenge. I hope this course can help to build up my knowledge to do future research or help me get closer to the answer to my ultimate life question.  

Normally I love to cycle around in the town. I love playing different sports, and Ultimate frisbee is my main sport. I am also like rock climbing, skateboard, parkour, or dance battle when there is a nice spot to do it. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn or email me at