I am a Venezuelan biomedical engineer and I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2020. My previous research was focused on the detection of infectious diseases using 3rd generation sequencing technology. I also worked during my senior design project on the modelling of cell membranes using GROMACS as a molecular simulation tool. The objective of this project was to modulate cell membrane stability to prevent macrophage fusion due to implants on post-surgery patients.

This project made me very interested in molecular science and I applied for the MRes program. During my first year in London, I had the opportunity to work at a COVID testing centre where I worked through most of the lockdown period. My current interest is the application of molecular science techniques in biological systems. 

As part of my MRes studies in 2021-22, I published SolMod.jl. This is a Julia package used for the prediction of solubility, with the focus on creating ternary phase diagrams for pharmaceutical solubility of enantiopure drugs.


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