Xabier Jimenez GarcesXabier Jimenez Garces grew up in Sangüesa, Spain, with a father as an engineer and a mother who is a doctor, and so it is unsurprising that he developed an interest in science and engineering at an early age.

Xabier has long been intrigued by the complexity and delicate nature of human bodies, and has become more and more fascinated about technological advances in the health field. Realising that molecular engineering underpins many of these advances, the MRes in Molecular Science and Engineering is a perfect fit.

Xabier already has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Mondragon University, and has worked as a technology consultant and a researcher in the health field, but he believes that the transdisciplinary collaborative training he is now receiving at Imperial is  absolutely necessary if important real-world challenges are to be tackled effectively. He is especially keen to gain a new understanding of molecular processes on multiple scales, and to apply the theoretical aspects of the course in his research project.

Fun fact: Xabier is a keen athlete and has won many national Judo medals.

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