Shivadharshan Lingeswaran

Shivadharshan LingeswaranHi! My name is Shivadharshan Lingeswaran, however, I prefer for others to call me Shan. I’m originally from Sri Lanka and I have been in London since 2004. I did my undergraduate degree at University of Hertfordshire, completing a Physics course. I chose to do the Molecular Science and Engineering MRes because I found that the course is applicable to my interests in science. I would like to move on to do a PhD, preferably in neuroscience. I very much enjoy trying to answer the big questions in life, no matter how unanswerable. 

I have various interests including entrepreneurship, writing, blogging, making music and am a big fan of Imagineering! Being an entrepreneur I’m happy to be the creator of a think tank which I try to expand by including as many people I can. Volunteering is a big part of making a better world and I like to take part as a technician in my social circle, where I like to repair people’s devices if they have a problem with it. Overall, I would consider myself a helper trying to make a change in the world.